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im defintly staying off the round know that i know theres a new driver! kitty! you sly cat you!
Quote: Originally Posted by Alkenny We've always "passed down" our pillows to the kids. They're flatter AND they have our scent on them. just be careful with that as "used" pillows can and do have TONS of germs, bacteria and bugs on them. you can clean them in the wash but then they puff up again hence why i just buy the cheap ones new.
Quote: Originally Posted by Arduinna News to me, I thought we were allowed to post info and links to other sites we might be intereted in well im not 100% sure on that but this is flat out spam. their 1st posts and it even reads like spam. if it walks and talks like spam.....
report them
i actually moved to where i am now to be with family and regret it something horrible. We will be moving this may further away but not to bad (mass to maine) We are moving now mostly becuz of finacial reasons plus i want to go back to school.
ya i either call him my STBX or my ex. depends on my mood lol
i use regular adult pillows but the cheapest ones i can find as they are the flatest. HTH
rantidine or how ever its spelled which is what pepcid is is fine when nursing. i took it when i was nursing Carter as i had severe heartburn. still do but thats another story! Anyway it sort of helped me and it helped Carter with his reflux as well. tums/mylanta and rolaids are also fine to take. GL mama
dang hun. im sorry. im calling you tomorow.
Quote: Originally Posted by the_lissa Am I the only one who seriously, vehemently hates capris? nope! i cant stand them. as i explained to my sister the other day. You can wear jeans and a tank top or shorts and a long sleeve shirt. but capris?? no!
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