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and FTR i havend responded becuz i spent the day with my kids. something i havent been able to do lately. But i guess im no longer AP now so my spending time with them was worthless right?
Quote: Originally Posted by numom499 please///show me exactly where.... you may have readi into what someone said, but there is nothing that says cribs=bad parenting. Quote: Originally Posted by Mom4tot But, please, if you use a crib (I didn't, we cosleep), don't let your baby cry in there. No cying alone in the crib allowed. Quote: Originally Posted by my~hearts~light I can't imagine what...
i thought it was always 35?
Quote: Originally Posted by numom499 Nowhere in the thread does anyone say that crib sleeping automatically equals cio. actually it was. more than once.
(((hugs)))) when the weather gets better me and the boys are going biking. you should come with us!
i let my oldest "nurse" when he asked but he really didnt want to nurse so much as want to do what the "baby" was doing. so after nursing the baby id lay in bed w/ him and cuddle. not saying thats what your dd is doing just offering my 2 cents
just pipping up to say that my youngest was/is a crib sleeper. when he was still nursing he slept in his crib right next to my bed. i did this becuz i had another child in my bed who was/is the king of moving around and i was afraid that the baby would get squished. im a little surprized at some of you. crib sleeping doesnt not automaticly equal bad parenting or CIO. ive NEVER (ok twice and damnit it was that or hurt my kids so what would you have prefered??) cio, and...
Quote: Originally Posted by HelloKitty I'm never understood capris - if it's chilly wear pants, if it's hot wear shorts, if it's in-between wear a freakin' skirt but make a decision! Capris are for the indecisive. nods uh huh! or maybe im just biased becux capris on me look like pants
Night mamas!
yup! i called the people that own the brand malox once as i tried it and good lord it made my heartburn worse! i think they sent me a coup for a free bottle or something but ive never tried them again. and ya i call and complain alot about CS issues.
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