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im still up although im going to bed shortly
can you subsititute anything? i like this month package for my area except the main thing is fish and none of us eat it!
i personally want to know why the dogs run fast but the cats dont in shannons sig. That is all thank you
god now i want to know and i dont even know about the topic in question!
this move is really good for me in terms of paring down. everywhere else ive moved its been bigger or about the same size as the one before vs. smaller so ya im doing pretty good. Although the toys are stumping me real bad lol
Quote: Originally Posted by Irishmommy It's amazing who's all come out of the woodwork with the other, unnamed, doesn't want me, site down. i think it might be your post count that scares them jk mama
Quote: Originally Posted by mamadawg Hi jill! hey love! is it bad im already jonsing for a fix?
Quote: Originally Posted by Viola I think only one of my cheeks would fit into those. A new Lane Bryant opened in my town today, and they have a separate Cacique half. They have some pretty naughty looking underwear. Yesterday my 6 year old wanted to know why I didn't have pretty nightgowns like they sell there. i dont know about VS but my big butt fits into boy shorts and no seam wegies either. i love boyshorts!
See ya'll need to take a break. and when on break rember that yahoo sends you emails. oops
Thanks! today i packed up books and movies and only set aside 2 small boxes for us the rest is leaving! i also went thru my knick nacks that have been boxed for over a year kept 3 things and that was it! yah me
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