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Thanks Stiringleaf and mamajama. and ya ive bookmarked a few sites to call for more info tomorow!
hmm hey rach, what colleges are up in NH? thats the thing is i dont even know where to look lol! off to google (or something lol) RN and midwife schools. maybe ill actually come up with something
and did i mention im a major packrat/hoarder? So im looking for ideas, after i post ill be looking around here to see if anyone else has asked a q simialr to this as well but in the meantime: it will be me my 4 year old, my 2 year old and 1 cat. im guessing that where we move will probly not have a washer and dryer or hookup so how much clothing is approrite? toys. the age old question. right now they have more than ehough and im still weeding thru. becuz we will...
well on ask jeeves i asked what colleges have family houseing and google i did colleges family housing. personally i think google has it in for me sometimes though. ill type in Cars and get Cats as a result...
im trying to find out what colleges have family houseing. and i just cant do it. ive goggled, ive asked jeeves, and now im begging for help here lol. Any of you wise mama's help me out? please!
as for the tomatoes and beans.. i planted late. real late. so i imagine thats 1 big reason for my small harvest lol. its not a big deal to me as i was only have into it last year ya know? Whats a worm bin compost? im clueless lol i think i could manage a yard yaste one but again im clueless. where can i find more info? Thanks!! Jill
last year i had a very small garden at my moms. i would like to have a garden this year there as well but have more of a harvest (sinse last year i got like 20 green beans and 2 small tomatoes lol) So im trying to find/research ways to help it grow. Composting. do i need to do it? i live about 15 min drive from my parents and cant be going there all the time to fiddle with it. how does 1 feed a garden? last year i tilled but ive been reading alot of people dont....
feel free to move but frankly i dont know where lol. Basicly im looking to find a job where i can "work" off my rent. How does 1 go about such an idea? anyone ever done it? any tips? Thanks! Jill
when do you generally start listing summer stuff? Thanks!
pillowcases can be turned into rompers and dresses. the pp gave a bunch of good ideas. mine would be to sew up stuff you wouldnt normally (like little girl dresses and such) and then donate those. Also those jersey sheets make good tops lol
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