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diapers? like FB or MPB kind Thanks!! p.s. sorry for the numerous posts today lol
im so proud of myslef. :LOL i got a little carried away hence why some are not as bright and vibrant. i figure next time ill dye 3 prefolds per color all the prefolds just the green ones just the blue ones
help me out what are these used for again??
ok ive got some $$ to spend on diapers for my 2 boys. i need XL and medium-larges. basicly dipes to fit a chubby 35+lber and dieps to fit a roughly 17lb skinny baby that crawls. where should i shop? i dont want to spend more than $15 per diaper. i would prefer an aio or a fitted. come on ladies help me spend my $$$ :LOL
Sarah has been working on her site that may be the problem. didnt look at the other one
ok im looking at buying some lukes drawers diapers. now her sizes are lrg. which fits 12-24lbs and toddler which fits 25 and up. my son weighs about 18lbs and minus the fact that hes got a bit of a belly his very skinny. he wears mediums now. almost all the ones we have fit him prefectly, we use bumkins and a few other brands. so my wuestion is do i buy him the toddler or the large? Thanks!!
kindmomma how many times do you wash the prefolds so they wont run?
Quote: Originally Posted by SEEPAE is there a type you prefer? chinese? indian? uh... cheap :LOL whats the diffrence?
Quote: Originally Posted by kindmomma :LOL On a good day mine look like this Most of the time my hands look like a "floater" lol what do you use to get them clean? or do you just walk around with tye dyed hands :
im going to the TP right now to see but what about else where? anyone know??? Thanks!!!
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