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Welcome everyone!!
Just wanting to have my baby already! Everyday, all day I am eager and anxious for labor to just start already! I wasn't this way with my daughter... I was very much on the "you can come whenever you're ready; everything is good" train. But I have had so many complications with thispregnancy and with my SPD I am in constant constant pain and this has felt like the longest pregnancy ever!! Lol. I just want to meet my little man and have him in my arms and not in my body...
WOW Stephanie!!! Congrats!!! A VBA2C - THAT IS AMAZING!! if I could, I would have the little emoticon that claps to applaud you! would love to hear the birth story, too if you'd like to share.
Also just remembered that mamanatural.com has a series of videos on her site where she goes through each vaccine. If you put it in her search bar you can find it and that is helpful too.
First time posting in this forum as my dc is a girl, but we are about to have a boy. dh and I are passionate about not circing and will be having a homebirth so I'm not too concerned. But I am wondering the basics of intact care. I changed my brothers' diapers and boys I babysat but they were all circed, as is my poor dh. So I guess if you knowledgeable women could please educate me on all the do's and don't s and whatever else I may need to know. Also, perhaps give me...
Yes I love that!! Way to follow your own heart and instincts and fight for the birth that was right for you and Ayen Orion! that is truly incredible and one heck of a birth story... 2cm-10cm in 5 minutes! !?! That is why I refuse cervical checks, they really don't tell you anything that you couldn't tell from reading a mother's other signposts. I know what you mean about tearing... when they come through the birth canal that fast without time to stretch you out, it can be...
Could you please Share your birth story, if you want to Of course. Would love to hear it!
My dd is not vaccinated and nor will this next one be. I second what a pp said... the "I'm not vaccinating" forum on mothering is great! Check it out
Oh my gosh! He is GORGEOUS! CONGRATULATIONS!!! makes me want mine to be born right now!
Hugs!!! I don't have much to say other than I'm sorry it's so rough for you right now. That's tough. I too am having a hard time... the last few months have been some of the worst in my life. This past week held a lot of traumatic events which I can't discuss online, but just think of worse case scenario 2nd only to death of a loved one. I'm not exaggerating....it's been awful.I don't mean to compete with your hardships or pain at all! On the contrary, I'm sympathizing...
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