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I came to islam 14 years ago, and started covering 12 years ago. I worn all types of covering, with or without modest clothes, almost... I had all kinds of stages hehe. Now its summer, its hot, and i am toasted lol.
Here in Norway in the news, they stated over and over again that it had NOTHING to do with religion, and it was done by both muslims and hindus. And maybe others too. I wonder why they would state it was a muslim ritual in American media??? It is not from islam to believe in saints or things like that, and to believe statues, places or something can heal your infertility. Only GOD can heal! And to HIM only should we be thankfull!
I am a muslim, and I cover because I believe its mandatory on every adult woman past puberty. I ever had much problems from family or friends for this, but outsiders I encouter out and about, thinks its strange, but accept it.
I am a muslim mama, and I have two girls, aged 9 and almost 3 yrs old. My 9 yrs old cover for prayer, special times, and such, but we are focusing mainly on proper clothing for now, leaving headcover to come naturally by time. Its mandatory on her, religion vise, from puberty. My almost-eight-years-old-son cover his head at all times with the little knitted headcap, similar to the kippah.
Salaam aleikum Just a regular muslim mama here But since I have a sufi or two here, I thought I should ask... Do you ever meet people who are just sufis, and not muslims? I dont mean those who do so much bidaa that they hardly can be called muslims anyway, but people who just "are sufis" and not muslims? I meet someone like that on the net, and I was surprised...
Anyone got some good african recipies to share? West-African? I love "peanutsoup", and domoda... But cant make domoda though... Anyone? Today we are having leftover Sri Lankian food from yesterday, but instead of rice, we are having couscous with it. Kids will have leftover pizza from the fridge. We are sooo trying to focus more on not throwing food, but its not easy...
MashaAllah, Hawa is beautifull! I could never substitute that with Eve, or Eva as we say here in Norway.
I have get different answers to the name issue. Some are of the oppinion that we can not use Noah instead of Nuh or Aron instead of Harun, because its a childs right to have an islamic name... To have a muslim identity, and to be identified as a muslim, and not be mistaken for a christian. That said, I could definately go for Noah and Aron, but there are other names I would never change. I would not use Abraham instead of Ibrahim, or John instead of Yehya. But its...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ammaarah They are orthodox/traditional but moderate, IMO. I think you can be both! That happened to me too! Salaam aleikum I guess many reverts been down that path hehe... I started out as a "hadith-rejector", and look at me now... Alhamdulillah!
Quote: Originally Posted by mamefati28 Any of you wanting to move back home or to DP homeland at some point on the future? Salaam aleikum We are both Norwegian reverts, me and my DH, but we are planing on doing Hijrah fisabilillah, to Algeria inshaAllah. I was married to an Algerian man before, and we have two children together, so we want to move there, its easier... Easier than Middle East hehe, there you need MONEY and education, and...
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