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I am a muslim, and I dont celebrate any nonmuslim holidays. Not birthdays either, for that matter. I would break rules in my belieeves, and in my understanding of islam, if I participate in any other celebrations, or if I take in icons for other faiths.
Quote: Originally Posted by timneh_mom Yes, I've changed many times. I grew up "Lutheran" (actually a branch that was excommunicated, lead by Lestadius - a Swede in Finland), Wow, thats the first time I ever heard of someone being in that branch, outside of Scandinavia. Or are you orginally from here? Or from US? I grew up with a mom who was born by parents in the branch, but my grandfather left the faith early.
Salaam aleikum I breastfeed all my children, and I let them vean themselves off. My oldest was 2,5 my second was 4,5 and my youngest was 16 months (HER choice, i was as shocked as my mom was hehe). I tandemnursed number one and two, and I breastfeed number two well intoo my third pregnancy. Man did I take much crap for that from "sisters" and muslim family. My nonmuslim family did not have any issues with extended breastfeeding.
Salaam aleikum Just passing to say Eid Mubarak to my sisters all over the world! We celebrated Eid here today, as did the whole country this time, mashaAllah. It was nice with unity for once hehe. My husband decided to follow what is the only Islamic state, the Islamic State of Iraq in Fallujah, for us, but they followed Saudi, and so did the Islamic Council of Norway too... hehe. Alhamdulillah.
Salaam aleikum Just passing by, and bumping this one, to stick it in my favourites, or else I never find it again hehe, it kind of drowns between every time I am here.
Salaam aleikum MashaAllah, mabrouk with your daughter, I havent been here for a while, so I did not know you gave birth already hehe... I spendt five days at my in-laws now, and it was nice, I got to do a lot of dawah hehe... They saw me fasting, and had lots of questions, they felt it weird that I was not drinking even hehe. This Ramadan has been, alhamdulillah, my best, almost, for many years, as I was able to fast without having people pushing their oppinions...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ammaarah If you do sunnah fasting Mondays and Thursdays, you can make up about three missed Ramadans each year. IMO that's not that much hardship for healthy people. Salaam aleikum If you do the sunnah fast, would you not have to have intention to do it as a missed day of Ramadan? Then it cant count as Sunnah fast. If you understood what I mean... :
Salaam aleikum I am here... Muslimah from Norway, with 3 kids.
Salaam aleikum I am more on the hard side here hehe... I think that in a normal pregnancy, and in a normal breast-feeding situation, its better to try, and loose, than not to try at all. I have been pregnant and/or breastfeeding for nine years in Ramadan, and I have fastet all those years, on and of. Not full months always, but atleast trying. My son was born on the 27th of Ramadan in 2000, and he was healthy, weighed 11 pounds and born in week 41+5, and I was fasting...
Salaam aleikum sister MashaAllah on your conversion. And, a funny coincidence, it seems our kids are around same age hehe... http://www.soundvision.com/shop/pview.asp?item=110-141 is a series of videos, I heard they are good. I never tried shopping for such things, because English is not our language, kids don't understand English at all. So thats all I could find hehe...
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