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Thanks Drummer's wife.    Do you know what the average pay for a CNM is in NM?
dogmom-thanks for your reply.  I've heard that Oregon is super friendly to midwives, but I've also heard that the RN job market in Oregon isn't that great(but may be picking up?)...Im not sure how that would relate to advanced practice RN's though.   nemrac-I've heard that that is recommended, but also have heard many say that if you know you want to specialize then you should go straight to your specialty rather than working in an area you really aren't truly...
Im new to the forum, so sorry if it has been asked before..I did a bit of browsing and saw some stuf, but not a lot! I am not a midwife, but am currently a post BA ADN nursing student.   Hubby and I(and 4 kids) live in Louisiana and I would like to eventually become a CNM.  I graduate May 2013 and I am hoping I will get a job in L&D straight out of school.   I would like to work at least 2 years and then hubby and I have discussed leaving the state of Louisiana to...
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