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Hello everyone,   i just started teaching my 28 month old how to use the potty (I feel as if I am a little late).  I am a first time mom and so I am completely new at this.  I would like some tips and pointers on how to get started.  I've started reading an e-book called  "Oh Crap, Potty Training" by Jamie Glowacki.  Does anyone recommend any other books or ebooks?  Any other advice on how to get started is welcome. :-)   Thanks!
Wow! Thank you so much everyone! This is a great start.  You've all post such beautiful advice.  Thanks!
Hi everyone, I know that I still have some time since my son is 17 months old but my husband and I are already seriously considering homeschooling.  I already consider myself to be homeschooling my toddler since he watches and learns from everything we do.  But is there anything we should be doing to prepare at the moment or is it too early? Thanks so much! :-)
Thank you so much everyone for all of your wonderful advice.  We just returned from our trip and it went really well.  We're now getting over jet lag.  We did end up bringing a car seat for the plane and it helped a lot (he slept 6-8 hours in it plus a few more for nap. He didn't cry at all in the plane; I think the sounds was like a white noise for him so it helped him sleep better.  The snack idea really helped as well.  I did try putting him to sleep before the flight...
Hi everyone! Thank you so much for the warm welcome. And I apologize for being MIA. 
Hi and Thank you! :-)  My first name is Eulix.
Hi everyone,   I need some advice for airplane travel with my 15 month old son.  We will be travelling long haul to the Philippines from New York City this coming weekend.  We will be traveling for about 16-17 hours from NYC to Hong Kong where we have a lay over and then travel a few more hours from Hong Kong to the Philippines.  Our first flight leaves almost at 1AM.     My son has a sleep routine during which he goes to sleep around 7:30-8pm each night.  My...
Hi everyone! I'm fairly new (sort of- joined in July but have not been active).  I thought I'd add my info to the chitchat.  This is Lali812. I have a son named Angel.  He is 14 months old. He was born on November 16, 2011 at home.   :-)
Hi everyone,   I am a new mom of a 7 month old baby boy born in November.  I'm from New York City. I'm so happy to have found this website so that I can share experiences and support with other moms.    Thanks!
Hi everyone! I am 29 and first time mom of a 7 month old boy.  I had a home-birth with a doula and a midwife.  I am from New York City and currently moved to the borough of Staten Island.  I'm an acupuncturist and holistic health practitioner focusing on woman's health and pediatrics.  However, I'm temporarily a stay at home mom.  So far, I believe that this is the most challenging, exhausting, yet rewarding job I have ever done.  I am new to this site (so glad I found...
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