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I lost some big pieces of mucus plug a couple days ago and I had a good run of pretty real contractions last night after dtd.  No more of that until next week (I have some exams at school and haven't gotten my tub yet)!! I was able to slow things down and sleep after an epsom salt bath but ending up missing some work this morning because I didn't sleep much even after things slowed down.  I'm thinking another 1-2 weeks for me.  I went early last time and with all these...
I ended up ordering the belly bandit with a target gift card from the baby shower but am worried I ordered the wrong size. I guess I'll just use fabric if it doesn't fit me initially. Does anyone know if any place carries belly binders in store in case I need to run out and get a new size?
So sorry to hear about the YI, odinsmama. I had one around 20 weeks and did the monistat 7 day because my MW said it's the lowest concentration of ness administered over the longest time to make sure things clear up. But I guess at this point you may not have a week left. Hope it feels better soon and that your DH feels better too. Chloesmama- I am so irritable with DD this week too. She usually has issues around bedtime and sometimes in the morning getting ready for...
Oh man that sounds so tasty right now!  I had 2 tbs of nutella with a banana last night- soooooo yummy! I have a bad sweet tooth and am trying to hard to stay away from processed sugar these last few weeks so baby os only gaining from good healthy things but it is hard (especially with DDs birthday last weekend and mine coming up Feb 4th). 
Yay for a negative!!
I have the same worry.  Last night I drank 1/2 beer because I was having some regular crampy contractions and I was just so tired I didn't want it to turn into anything real.  I don't think it would have but the little bit of alcohol stopped it within an hour.  Ideally, I'd like to go into labor after a nice long afternoon nap so I don't have to get woken up by labor, we shall see what this baby has planned....
Yay!!! Almost there Typebug! I will be sending you lots of stay-put baby vibes until next Friday.
Hugs mamas!! I hope this week's issues are resolved soon for everyone.    Kellybeth- I hear you on the hemorrhoids.  I got them last time during the end of pregnancy but they went away mostly when I wasn't pregnant, now they are back with a vengence- even the witch hazel doesn't completely relieve them now.  Ugh...   I am 36 +2 and am so relieved I made it to this point with all the issues I was having before.  Now that I am cleared for my home birth, I am...
Love it Teles!! Can't wait to start seeing more babes on there! Almost there mamas!
What a beautiful boy with a beautiful name! Sounds like a lovely birth overall! Hope you are getting lots of rest and snuggles with your new little guy!
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