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Xerxella- the roller coaster is so draining! The day to day of moving forward/not moving forward/cancelled is such a kick in the gut. I know I REALLY had to lean on my doc to move forward with what initially looked a poor response cycle and up until the very last moment, they weren't sure if we were moving forward, but we did and what looked like four follicles led to seven eggs being retrieved. It was the farthest I had ever gotten on any cycle. AFM: I just scheduled...
Hey Ladies, we are still trying to catch our breath after our lack of fertilization after our last IVF. Still lurking though and CHEERING all the BFPs happening lately. I just had some questions. Anyone here done a natural or mini IVF? It could be a good option for us since we do have medical coverage but have used up our drug coverage making a traditional IVF too costly We do have Menopur and Clomid is cheap enough. Also, had anyone used donor eggs? We dont have the...
Yay Guppy!!! so exciting! And Suzie: Fingers crossed for the beta! The HPT sounds promising!! AFM: question for those of you who made to retrieval but didn't have fertilization: did you find that the cycle after was completely miserable? I have been experiencing some the *worst* PMS ever. I am super bloated (like actual weight gain) and anything above a wedding style march makes by boobs hurt so bad. And cramping! I never cramp. And Monday I actually found myself chain...
Guppy: do you live in the Northeast as well? We are in central CT and are digging out big time!
Oh Tracy! That just...well, it sucks, to put it plainly. AFM, it's official, no fertilization. Not sure what our next steps are, just going to let this broken heart heal a bit and drink some wine. I ordered The Infertility Cure, seems like it might worth reading, it supposedly offers lots of info on possibly improving egg quality. I will still be lurking and cheering you all on!
So my RE just called, it's not looking good. None of the eggs fertilized as of yet. He said there may be a chance of delayed fertilization but with my age and history it's more than likely poor egg quality. It's a odd mix of heartbroken and relieved. At least we have an answer and know not to pursue my eggs. I am open to egg or embryo donation but the costs seem prohibitive. Has anyone used donor eggs or embryos or knows of good resources for researching? We also explored...
Tracy: I am sure this week will both fly and drag. Fingers crossed! Guppy: just a few more days for you too! fingers crossed! AFM: Retrieval went well, back home now resting. So small miracles in that I had five follicles, two of which were runts but they retrieved seven eggs! I was amazed! I was hoping for five and when she said seven I had her repeat it. We will know more tomorrow RE: quality and fertilization.
Whew! Houston, we have lift off! Or at least a trigger and retrieval date. We trigger tonight and ER is at 8:30 Tuesday. I developed 5 follicles 20,19,17,15 & 15. The fifth one was a runt that was at 11.5 yesterday and thankfully had a growth spurt overnight! Now I am doing as I did these last few days, taking it easy, drinking lots of fluids (water and pedialyte) and eating protein.
Oh Deborah! I am so sorry :-(
So... I had no follicles develop on the left and the right has the four that were there. Two were between 17&18 and two between 11&12. Saturday we go back for another US. I'm trying so hard to stay hopeful and positive while also preparing myself for the possibility of what is our last ivf cycle switched to yet another IUI.
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