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even numbers now since I'm out, best wishes mamas!
Goodbye mamas, its been a lovely group but I am out.  I'm very sorry about the gift and bead exchanges, you ladies will have to enjoy both without me. Baby will be fine if I just get lots more rest, so internet time is going down until after he or she arrives. Best wishes to all for a safe and happy new year to you all! 
@Triniity , the beads are for to remember the baby's birth by, because you collectedthem while waiting for baby to be born.  At least, I think this is the idea.  I made a necklace out of mine (last baby, different DDC) to wear while pregnant, and then took off the three wooden beads to make a teething necklace and used that while nursing my new baby girl.  Feel free to add yourself to the doc or if you decide you do want in let me know in a comment and I can add you. :)
@floweringkale , what brands do the whole buy-resell thing aply well to?  I'm big on things that I can get a good % of my money back out of (yes its work but I'm with you, its part of the fun of wearing it, knowing I am not paying alot for the thing in the end).   I'd like to try a nice woven wrap and am part of the appros facebook and other groups, but the language is just as confusing to me as code.  What are with the sizes, and is didlymos a brand or a pattern or what?...
Half a twin sheet fits perfectly with room to tuck in the edges.  OR you can buy crib sheets.
Looking for a raincover and handlebar console for a Bob double jogging stroller.  Prefer to pay Under $20 per item before shipping, Try me.  I'm also selling a couple things so if we could work out a trade that'd be great too.
twelve bum genius pockets and 24 microfiber inserts, from cotton babies website, velcro (aka aplix) closure.  All are white, very good used condition.  A couple from the picture sold already, 12 are left.     The velcro is perfect, like new: the elastic looked loose so I replaced it all just in case.  No staining.  No other condition issues.     Open to trades in part or in full, try me.  A Bob double stroller rain cover, silk ring sling, stokke high chair, woven wrap,...
Wanted, one slik ring sling, not looking to pay over $20 before shipping but try me.    I'd prefer one in bright colors, like red and black or brown and bright torquoise, but I'm quite open.  Doesn't need to be like new just workable, I can sew up hems etc.
Looking for a woven wrap, a nice, long one.  Looking for pay $25 or less before shipping.      If possible I'd like a pretty patterned one in blue, purple, green, or pink.  But try me with anything.  I am new to this part of babywearing, I love my moby wrap, would like to find a woven wrap now. Any information of where to find an inexpensive one of these would be lovely as well, thank you.
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