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I'm so sorry for the loss of your precious child.             Yes, it's true!  And the older they get, the more I'm finding them to be not only capable at making the messy house, but also more and more capable at helping to CLEAN the messy house.  :)  That's a nice benefit.  More hands makes the task go much more quickly than sometimes seems possible.
Well, gals, thanks for all the kind words... just wanted to report back that after talking with dh and looking, realistically, at our lives, I just am confident it isn't going to work for us this go-round.  We are both lower-commitment than before about CD-ing (even though I DO think it's great in some ways, the negatives are glaring for us right now), AND we have less time and are both super busy (he used to always wash out the poopies, especially when I still had that...
Anybody else have some videos? Articles?  A favorite book or two would be great also, but free online resources would be most appreciated!
Thanks, I'll look that up.
Lay it on me, ladies-- what have been your favorite ONLINE resources for learning and educating yourself about homebirth?   I've done some reading here and there, and watched some videos, but I'd love to have your input.  TIA!
LOL!!!  I'm so glad you posted this.  I have felt like such a dipstick!  People ask me, and I'm all, "uh, well, I think 14?  Or 15 weeks?  Something like that..."   It's my 6th, our first homebirth, and so I've not had the "normal" visits, ultrasounds, etc., to keep track of 'when' I am.     I'm just glad to read that someone else is experiencing the same thing; I don't feel like such a looney tune! :)
That quiz was cool.  Definitely Classic Eccentric-- I definitely like classic names, with meaning, but that are unusual/not used recently.       I think we've narrowed ours down--   If it's a girl, she'll be Ruby Jane.  Ruby Clementine was a close second. If it's a boy, he'll be Gideon.  Not totally sure on a middle name yet, but Gideon Caleb, maybe?     Or Gideon Joel, Gideon Paul, Gideon Shepherd, Gideon Seth, Gideon Andrew, Gideon...
Oh, I'm so sorry.  (((hugs)))  Praying for you to have peace and rest tonight.
Wow, super exciting!  Congratulations!!!
I'm totally grossed out by all kinds of things, but have been eating a lot of salad & Crispix... I can't abide by much else.  
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