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I have experienced some of it IRL, but most of the venomous, highly-charged stuff I've ever read or heard has been on the internet or TV, for sure.  Here are two articles that came out this week on the matter-- both are interesting, I think-- about working moms & the idea of "having it...
Oh I don't mean I've never had them leak... they definitely leak, but I've never had just a solid faucet-like trinkle of pee coming out like I did in the store the other day.  Totally embarrassing!
  Yeah the problem is I've never, over 10 years, had this happen with a disposable.  :(  So disposables do hold up a lot better, at least in my experience.  I am really trying to keep going with the cloth though.  We'll see.
  Wow, that's wild!  I hope it's not too personal to ask, but was it hard for you to be a surrogate?  I mean, did you have any conflicting emotions as you handed the baby over?  Congratulations, by the way!
OK I decided this morning to bust out my stash to practice on ds-almost-2 for a while before the baby comes.  He leaked straight through that Bum Genius in no time flat.  Ugh!  So there I was changing his whole outfit in the parking lot of Ross, after seeing pee dribble down the shopping cart into a puddle on the floor- that's how wet he was folks- it had been less than an hour since I put it on him... through the stuffed diaper, through the shorts, up onto his shirt,...
Ouch!  Now THAT is a good point.  Cloth pads ARE way way way way way more comfy than disposables.  That makes such good sense & is a good kick in the pants.  Thank you.
:)  This made me laugh.  They really are super cute. :)     This is a great, simple idea-- thanks!
Ds9-almost-10 will change a wet diaper occasionally now, but definitely has nothing to do with poopy ones, LOL.  They are all very helpful and I am sure dd6 with as baby-crazy as she is would be delighted to be my go-to-baby-diaper-organizer (as in, keeping them folded and stacked nicely).     I don't think I had any problems with the actual stash-- I liked the prefolds & especially love my kissaluvs- so easy & cute.  I prob do need to invest in some more of the...
This is a good suggestion, and you may have pinpointed the problem.  I think it was too much- at the time, we lived overseas, and we were hosting my parents for a week and doing all the normal stuff with a newborn, so it likely WAS the craziness.  Thanks for helping me think through this.  I think I'll consider doing this- give myself freedom to go ahead and ease into it, deciding when to start, rather than starting and feeling frustrated about it.
  LOL, thanks for the attempted guilt trip.  Health reasons for the baby & cost savings are more the reasons why I would be motivated, but I'm always glad for the chance to be a good steward of God's earth.
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