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I just started seeing a Dr Huber in Cincinnati OH....he was recommended to me by my dermetologist who is a holistic practicioner. I am seeing him for weight loss but he is wonderful.....very much geared towards nutrition and excersice. I'm not familiar with his view on vacs but have noticed the holistic doc are more flexible about that. The site is www.LMIhealth.com good luck!
Where can I find info on the local monthly groups?
I'm in Ft Wright....about 10 min from downtown....I see Dr hallforth in Florence Ky 859-283-5055 for my eyes...he is wonderful...very friendly! Where did you move here from?
Do you have the info for any good midwives in Kentucky...I'm in Covington....
Hi Aditmom,  My father in law is a Chriopractor...big on no vacinnations! He also sends his 2 grandbabies to a Montassori school without problems. He is in Northern Kentucky. Dr. Aromola 859-628-2469. He is always willing to help anyone. I'm sure you know by know Cincy is in a tri-state area so his office is about 15 min from you. Feel free to email me if you have any questions. Oh and his son has eczema too....Good luck!
I too live in Cincinnati and there are no birth centers in this area....unfortunelty. You can check out one in Dayton about 45 min - 1 hour away. Called Family Beginning Birth Center....this was referred by a doula. My sister in law gave birth here and they were great. An awesome facility you can check out the reviews online. Also if you are interested send me an email, my mother-in-law is becoming a doula and is working for free right now to get her credentials. She is...
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