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I'm still lurking... I can only handle so much TTC talk following last month what is now our second loss at 5 weeks this year. but we press on
I just found a blog that has instructions for making some so I think that's what I am going to do as we already have these same kind of training pants also. Really what I had been looking for was to just keep the mess of an accident while out and about to a minimum and these will do just that! Here is a link to it if anyone else wants to try their hand at making some!...
bummer for dates changing... That always happens though doesn't it? I kept getting alternating tests between faint positive and negative and then got too nervous to do anymore once I went late. I'm now a week late and terrified that this is another early loss because of the faint tests and some brands being altogether negative. Thinking about just going in for some blood tests but I don't want bad news! Ugh!
Update: I have taken several more tests and still continue to get negatives and faint positives alternating. As I am now several days late I'm starting to worry about ectopic. so I am hoping to get in for a quantitative test in the next couple of days.
My two (DS 2 1/2 and DD 19 mos) will soon be potty training together... And I'm wondering about cloth pull up type things for outings as well. With two potty training at the same time it is going to be a must! Would love to hear if there is such a thing and if so which ones are good
Yes I am 1 day late. I am trying hold on! First response is FRER... I have had positives and negatives with them like almost exactly every other day. Ugh! As for how many... Ugh... I've been using like 2 tests a day, each from different brands so like... Probably a dozen or so tests? Lol I had an early loss (5 weeks) in February and so I am testing early and often now each cycle because we have been trying for a year and if I am having a lot of early losses (that I...
Here's what's up Over the last week I have gotten: A)one faint positive on a Wondfo strip, the only one left from my stash (red dye) B)faint positives and negatives from two different boxes of FRERs. Kind of in an every other day pattern (red dye) C)faint positives only from Accuclear brand (blue dye) D)negatives only from digital, though all have a line on the strip inside (blue dye) E)negatives only from "first signal" brand (red dye) F)faint positives and negatives from...
Thoughts? Edited to add: This pic was taken at about 6 or 7 min on the pink dye and about 3 on the blue
Still scratching my head looking at faint lines, willing them to be darker. At least they aren't going away?? Lol
delightedbutterfly- I have been testing about every other day since last weeks faint positives. I've been using multiple brands of tests and some come up negative some are faint but positive. Such a roller coaster! I don't expect AF till the weekend so it is still early yet. I really hope this is a sticky one and won't be another early loss. We've been trying for a year this month so we are sooo excited and hopeful that this will be the one. I'm so bummed that I'm out of...
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