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jjh- Holding my breath for you! AmyC- let's hope together for AF free v days thanks to new little lives! Though I am definitely not going to wait till then to test- props to you for waiting! I am just so impatient! :-p lyterae- welcome! So sorry for your loss! I am 7dpo also so we can wait together! Clementine- Happy you've joined the conversation! I don't know much about having a tilted uterus so Im not much help but I am sure one of the wonderful ladies here will...
These double posts are killin me. I gotta get off this thing! Lol
Katie- thanks! Ohh a new little person to love would definitely be a better way to spend v day for sure!
Duplicate post. Ugh. Dumb iPad.
CD 24, 7DPO... Going crazy wanting to test already. Lol I know I'm gonna breakdown and test on Friday already. I have never tested early before and I am curious to test daily and DH told me to get the big pack of Internet cheapies (he's big on the volume discount thing! Lol) so I figure why not. I mean... Might as well use them since I have them! I just hope I can stay positive thru however many BFNs I end up seeing! I seriously hope this cycle is the one. For so many...
Mamablue- I totally get that logic and sometimes... Soooometimes It works for me too. Lol the last couple cycles DH really got into the whole "I wanna know everything at the same time you know it" thing and it was exciting at first cause he is such a good dad and so present and excited in the ttc journey and just really cute... Haha, anyway... But something I realized is that I need a moment when I get a BFN. A moment with just me and the sad pee stick where i can just be...
I hear ya! It is a constant battle for me between wanting to know so bad I can't resist and not testing at all because I don't want to see another BFN. I've had a few long cycles lately that just dragged on and all those BFNs are so disheartening! :-( how many dpo are you now?
Thanks mama!
Thanks! At least tomorrow is going to be a busy day so I won't be going crazy then... But today is a long and boring day and every little bubble or twinge or twitch I'm like "oh! Implantation?! Oh! Maybe!" Lol agggghhhh! It's ridiculous. Cause I know Im not the one who would ever feel such a thing! Lol no pregnancy symptoms early on, when they do hit they are mild, etc etc. sigh. I just have to WAIT and it is so hard today!
Mama- here's my link http://FertilityFriend.com/home/41dc0b I'm more optimistic about it now with days of sustained higher temps... 7 DPO and all I can think about is getting myself to 9 or 10 and start testing lol I am a mess!
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