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Also... On a different note, how do I get my chart to show up there in the list?
Meagan- Congrats to you! Awesome. I totally know what you mean about not being able to wait to test... Never works out for me though! Got my BFP for DS the day AF was due, and didn't get BFP for DD until 3 or 4 days after AF was due. But even knowing that I always want to test early! AFM- I got a positive OPK yesterday! yaaaahoo! Really hoping this is the one!
Still waiting to O. This is the first cycle where I have been really really consistent with charting and OPKs. Doing two a day ever since CD 9 because I am determined to figure out what the heck is going on with me. I can tell already this isn't going to be a 28 day cycle. Feel like I'm gearing up to O in the next few days based on CM but no pos OPK yet. This is only the third time I have even tried them, the first time was actually the cycle when I got pregnant with DD...
AF for me too. Blah. I suppose you can move me to waiting to o too.
BFN this morning and still no AF. If I get another negative tomorrow I better see AF show up by the end of the day so I can just start over already! Ugh. Thinking about trying out Fertilitea or something similar. Reccommendations anyone?
DS was 14 mos when DD was born unassisted at home. She was born at 3:50 am and he slept thru my two yelps (one for each push). It worked out really well. My mom was there and got him up and fed later that morning before he came in to meet her so it all went really wonderfully. I'm very interested to hear how others did it so we can have and idea for our next one.
Well I have been taking a break from the boards because I have been so bummed that our BFP has been elusive so long this go around (ttc #3) but hopeful that this cycle may be the one. I have been pretty irregular since AF came back after DD was born. Jumping back and forth between 28 and 42 day cycles and everything in between, but pretty sure I have been ovulating at least most of those based on temps and cm. I had kinda settled into a 30-31 day cycle and thought this...
I think I'm just going to wait it out for right now. We are sort of in between midwives at the moment (haha) so I dont know how quickly I could get an appt and with DH gone I'd have to get a sitter (cause taking a 23 month old and 9 month old to that sort of appt just isn't happening. lol).... so... still no BFP as of yesterday. Today I had (TMI alert) some stringy pink cm. So perhaps AF shows up tomorrow or the next day. Perhaps it was a chemical and hcg was just never...
Last two cycles have been 42 days. Currently CD 48. No BFP. No AF. No spotting. No for sure symptoms. Temp is still up. Pretty much ready to scream.... Pull my hair out.... Something. And DH leaves tomorrow for a month.
Thanks Tashia! Tests last night and this morning were both BFN. With DS I tested positive on the day before AF was due but with DD I didn't test positive till AF was a whole week late. So... I have a bit of hope still.
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