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The baby could be cup fed. For directions, go to www.google.com and type in cup feeding breastfeeding. I'm not sure why you think you'll have to go 10 hours without feeding. I had surgery twice while breastfeeding and didn't miss a feeding either time.
I nursed in the hospital with pneumonia and septicemia with IVs in both arms and doing respiratory therapy. All without help holding everything (baby and respiratory therapy equipment). My kids always think it is funny when new moms call me to ask if they can nurse if they have a cold!
Consider not going back to work. That said, you can build up a supply of expressed milk by pumping one breast while breastfeeding the other.
I had hot flashes while pregnant and thought it was pretty normal. It was the worst when I was very pregnant in the summer. I, too, could see my red face and chest in the mirror. My breasts would also get very hot.
I have one and all three of my babies turned and looked at my left leg instead of the most common turn and look at right leg as they are being born.
Most sonograms are unnecessary. Before you submit your baby to this procedure again you may want to make sure there is an important reason for the exam.
When my 15 year old was a toddler his weight was so low he was considered failure to thrive. I was told to add butter to his food and this powder that adds calories to food. He was still breastfed so I was sure he was getting the nutrients he needed from my milk. It doesn't sound like your child is breastfed and I would be very concerned about brain growth. It is possible that you could get human milk from a milk bank with a physician order.
Could your sister spend the summer with you?
Think about the big pictue and what you want for your step-daughter. Do you really want to be nagging her about a stupid rodent that she no longer holds? Take care of the rodent yourself or find it another home. Caged rodents are very different pets than cats or dogs. My son thinks it's funny that adults think it is 'responsibility' to feed and water a cat or dog or to walk the dog. These are just the right things to do. Our dog and cat actually have us trained to...
This behavior may be common, but it is not normal. Having your husband come and get her because you didn't know what to do wasn't a good idea. You need to learn how to parent on your own. Be a tough mom. She is behaving this way because you allow it. When any child is out of control in the car, pull over. Just sit and wait until the child sits quietly before resuming driving. It only takes a couple times of doing this before children learn they must behave in the...
New Posts  All Forums: