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Chloe's Mama, I am thinking of canceling a playdate too! Not until two weeks from now, I will be 15 weeks and maybe still not showing but not sure I want to take the risk. Depends on the person, I have a playdate with a friend next week and she will be oblivious; the following week it's with a person that I would rather not tell yet.
I'm sorry everyone, I didn't mean to bring up the abortion thing. It's big for me - I want to save people from the hurt I experience every day. But I do realize Mothering is not the right place for it.
Okay, thanks! I have a copy of Nourishing Traditions requested through the library, should come in by next week.   Mama Bookworm, my last three pregnancies were conceived, unintentionally, each time I decided to go off coffee. Funny what happens when we stop putting what is bad for us in our bodies!
Oh just wanted to add, we had a "lifetime of poverty" too but it's done now! Sometimes I look back on the lean years with nostalgia. Things are much simpler when you simply can't afford anything.   Have you looked at photos of fetal development to see what your baby looks like? Have you considered going for an appointment to have an ultrasound? A lot of the crisis pregnancy centers now offer free ultrasound. It might help for you to see your baby. 
Just chiming in, I'm a 5th time mom too and I'm measuring 12 weeks at 12 weeks, by my own palpation. Not much to measure but feels right on target with my other pregnancies.
Don't change your mind and have an abortion, you will regret it everyday. EVERY day. For the rest of your life.   I am on my fifth pregnancy, in a great marriage, and I am also freaking out. I think this may happen even to women who have a planned pregnancy.   But with number 5 I can tell you:   I haven't gotten fat. My vagina is still lovely. I am a major introvert and, with 4 kids and  husband, I haven't quite died yet.   And we started off totally...
Looking for buddies as I consider trying this (again).   Three of my kids neeeeeeed to be gluten-free or they develop rage and depression and crazy psychotic behavior, and the couple of times I tried GF myself I noticed much more stabilized moods and less brain mush. So I've been wondering about wheat and other grains for at least a decade. In fact I sort of intuited that carbs were slowing me down even way back when I first hit puberty. I recognized my addiction to...
Thanks. :) We always keep it private too, don't tell the "world" until 16 weeks or even 20 weeks. But it just feels odd this time for having kept my closest friends in the dark, except for just a couple that I ended up telling for circumstantial reasons.
Okay, I'm starting to feel like I'm keeping a dirty little secret. Now I'm 12w1d, and I still haven't told my best friend. Turns out, she's coming up here this coming weekend to sit on my couch to cry over the breakdown of her marriage - leaving her husband and kids at home, when usually it's a big gathering when our two families get together. I feel like a) I'm still not ready to tell people and b) how could I possibly share my news when she's going through total hell?...
Looks like you've got all the right signs. Wow, if you can be happy during your pregnancy, go for it! 
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