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I really believe in outdoor play time, but I struggle to give my 3 year old more than 1 hour/ day on average.  1/2 hour on really icky weather days.  Some days we do special days where we spent tons of time outside, but on a general around-the-house kind of day, it seems strangely difficult.    How much outdoor time do you give children (at the age when you still need to be outside with them)?  What activities do you do outdoors together?  Our winters are typically cold,...
I use the expression "I need some space right now".  My daughter has come to use it too, for example when she is going to the bathroom. It's only sometimes successful but I don't mind when she uses it back with me. 
6 months after my second daughter's birth, I finally feel like I am able to reemerge online and say hello.  It seems like I never have any time online anymore with two kids, but it is so nice to see all the lovely photos.  Lately, I am trying to figure out homeschooling, to start next year.  I just wish I knew queer parents in real life.
With our 6 month old, we decided to give her tylenol for a few nights to see if it was teething or not.  We figured if she was in pain, then pain medications may help her.  In the end, pain medications did not help, and we then spent some time trying to adapt our sleep routines with her instead. Early bedtime, helping her fall asleep on a sleep surface rather than at breast /in arms, and introducing a lovey.  We had been scared off of these techniques with our first child,...
Today was a good day. My baby took a 2 hour nap, which is a near record.  However, it did take 1 hour to get her to sleep.  I cannot leave my older daughter alone that long, so I set up play dough and went back and forth between them.  Every time I left the baby she cried.  When I only had one child, it worked to spend that hour getting her to sleep and I didn't need to leave her. So there wasn't much crying.  I guess its just different with a second?
Yes, I am finding tandem nursing helps.
When I had my oldest daughter, I really "parented" her to sleep, spending hours rocking and laying beside her until she fell asleep.  I'd repeat again and again, because she was such a poor sleeper.    Now with my second 5 month old daughter, it doesn't seem to work to do that because I have to also take care of my older daughter.  So my baby cries a lot in a way that my older daughter didn't because there was just her and I was able to meet her needs right away.  I am...
I have recently been learning about Waldorf and I am interested by the relationship between attachment parenting and waldorf. In particular, I was reading "You are your child's first teacher" and was struck by what I interpreted as a critique of the continuum concept. With a second child now I am struggling with attachment parenting after being almost fanatic about it the first time. I am curious how others have made sense of the differences between waldorf and AP. 
Our breast-fed baby poops once every 3-4 days. I am loving it, because our first daughter pooped a bit each time. Such different patterns!  I think I lucked out this time though.
This morning my partner took our 3-year old and I am home with just the baby. It is so relaxing! And also productive!  It's so funny because when I had my first baby, caring for her on my own was neither relaxing or productive. But add in a 3-year old (and then subtract the 3-year old) and all of a sudden life with just the baby is a whole other story.
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