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I am trying to decide whether to have my 3 year old present at our baby's birth. My previous home birth was anything but relaxing and I spent a lot of time screaming and wishing for it to finally end. So not exactly what I would hope to have another child present for.  That said, I am wondering if it will be different this time, and whether to have my daughter around the house for birth.   Are you planning to have siblings present? And if you've had siblings present,...
I am in the opposite boat so I can relate to the jealously of wishing to have had children younger. In my early 20s I did so so much better with less sleep and had significantly more energy which would be so helpful with toddlers. Of course I made the decision that was right at the time, but there are such strong advantages to both having kids young and advantages to waiting depending on one's situation. 
I am 17 weeks and just felt movement - a week earlier than my last pregnancy. It is very mild but also distinct as little kicks. I only feel the kicks a couple of times a day though - often in the evenings.
I tore during my home birth and the midwife stitched me up and then checked the stitches in the following days.  I also had a injection to stop bleeding immediately after birth as well.  I hardly noticed either one at the time.
Well, I'm in Canada and we celebrate thanksgiving in October.  We usually have a large family gathering.  My favourite part is have celebrations/rituals as part of the change of seasons. Thanksgiving is about harvest for me.   My question: What baby products have you made that turned out really well? (or do you plan to make?) We made diaper cream that has been better than anything we've bought (and much less expensive).
I am planning on a home birth.  My daughter was born in our bedroom.  Luckily, we only have a midwife in our community and 1/2 of births are home births. So everyone knows someone whose had one and its very normal. I don't think I've had one response that seemed unsupportive.  What I'm unsure of this time though is whether to include my daughter who will be 3.  When I think back to my last birth, there is no way I could imagine a child present.  Are others planning on...
I am now feeling the beginnings of movement at 17 weeks - a week earlier than last time =)  It is very sporadic and mild - a couple times before bed. However, that was my experience last time too, and my daughter is one of the most physical of her peers. 
We are very much into gender varied clothing. I aim at 25% stereotypically female, 25% stereotypically male, and 50% gender neutral in clothing.  I like providing the opportunity for various gender expressions.  However, when it comes to a gender neutral nursery theme, we do not have one, since we co-bedded and did not purchase a crib or other large equipment/items for our daughter's birth. Trying to keep minimal stuff there was not much of a theme.   My question:...
At around 1 year of age, I noticed some changes with my daughter and sought help from a DAN doctor (defeat autism now) as well as physiotherapist and dietician.  I sensed something was different. My daughter is now almost 3 and I no longer have the slightest concern, but I am so grateful for the help along the way.  For example, the physiotherapist gave us a weighted vest which helped her focus during certain situations.  The DAN doctor recommended some diet changes and...
This is my second and still no movement at 15w7d.  Last time when I felt movement it was very sporadic, until I took a flight at 19w and then I felt my daughter almost the entire flight (very very softly though). Unfortunately I have no plane trips planned this time.
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