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I am thinking about having my 3-year old cut the cord with my partner.  But I also realize that its completely unpredictable.  Today she bit me so hard I bled.  I am trying to keep realistic (ie fairly low) expectations of what it will be like to have her present at the birth.
This is also the most pregnant I've ever been (by 3 days). Today is my due date.  I worked my last shift two days ago, so it is lovely to be off work.  I am hoping that the additional relaxation will help get my body ready for labour.
I am also still here, but I'm "only" 39w4d. I had my first daughter at 39w4d, so I am hopeful for today, although I don't have any particular signs so far today.  
Congratulations philsmama!  I have also been listening to hypnobabies, and I am wondering what it was like to listen to those tracks in labour?  
I ate greek yogurt for protein, but really my first trimester was much lacking in nutrition. I felt too nauseous.    4 days to my due date now.  I went into labour with my daughter on this day (39w3d) today - so I am hopeful.
I had another night of of contractions that disappeared in the morning.  It is so exhausting, especially with childcare in the morning.    Last week I felt so great, so much energy. The last two days have been the opposite. I would love another burst of energy right now! 
I have been having a lot of diarhea in the last couple days. I felt sure that it must be related to birthing approaching.  But then my toddler got it yesterday and is complaining about her belly hurting.  So either labour symptoms are contagious to my toddler or we have a viral infection :(
I have just set my water heater to maximum (160F) for my home water birth.  It was already set at 140F (factory set it says). Everywhere I read online says that 125F is the maximum for safety, especially around children and elderly.  What are others setting their hot water heaters at for their births?  For water heater that have both a top and bottom heat adjustment, did you adjust both dials to the same temperature?
I was so relieved to find out that my hemoglobin is OK to have a home birth. Yet it is 100, the exact number that it is OK. I really wish that I had never had to deal with this issue because now I am nervous about post-partum hemorage. When I had my daughter at home, post-partum hemorage was not even on my radar really. However, now I've been told that having low iron puts me more at risk of serious consequences should I hemorage. I would need to take a helicopter to get...
granite: Yes, please add me, my due date is April 29th and I also have a three year old.    I too went through fertility treatment (IVF), and I have been fairly open about it. As a result, I am amazed how many people tell me their story or their sister's/friend's story. Challenges getting pregnant are so common yet so rarely spoken about.  I actually feel really fortunate as a lesbian in many ways because it feels almost easier to talk about fertility treatment...
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