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I am 36week 7days and do not yet feel ready.  Last time I felt like I had been riding a horse all day due to upper thigh ache, and that has not been the case this time. I have been woken many times at night by really strong braxton hicks though. It's a bit unsettling because my labour came on full force in the middle of the night last time, so whenever I'm awoken by bh, I always wonder.   Overall, I think I feel too good to be at the end yet.  
I work 1/2 time and study 1/2 time, and it is the school work which is the hardest.  Work is Ok because I get a break from home and its often easier than being on home with my toddler.  But school is a whole other issue, since it uses such a different part of me, and my intellectual thinking part is shutting down more and more each day.  It is so exhausting to have to think!  So work is my break right now and my plan is to work until the baby comes, well my official last...
I'm not sure if this counts as whining, but I have just cut my toe nails for the last time in pregnancy.  After today (and it was a stretch), I am no longer going to be able to bend down that far again until this baby comes out.
I still do not know if I am going to be able to have a homebirth because of my low iron.  It did go up from 85 to 92, but my midwife says it needs to be 100 to give birth at home. 
I am pregnant and am nursing my three year old. In the last trimester she has really wanted to nurse more and more, and I am finding that I need to set limits. I now have the limits that she can nurse after breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner. I purposefully want her to have eaten first so that it is not about hunger when she nurses.  If she asks to nurse at another time, I remind her of the times she can nurse, and I say that we can cuddle now instead. Sometimes she...
I am 36 weeks pregnant and am planning on using hypnobabies. My plan is to play the tracks aloud from our computer when our environment is fairly quiet.  However, my daughter will also be around, so I plan on listening to the ipod too and I hope that will allow me to block out noise better. I am also thinking of using water, but I am using a very old ipod and am willing to take the risk of it getting ruined. I would rather the old one get ruined and then buy a new one,...
We started rice cereal with our daughter when she was 6-7 months old. Ironically she was allergic to it! We were told it was one of the least allergenic foods and unlikely to cause a reaction.
I admit I"m eating a bit too much easter treats so far this weekend.
I've gained 60lbs so far at 35 weeks and I'm measuring 34. My last baby was 7.5 lbs and I seem to be measuring very similar to last time. I would love another 7.5 lb baby =)
With less than a month left in my pregnancy, I am planning on video programs being a significant part of my labour for our 3-year old daughter. We have never done this before, and I am wondering if other families who are TV free, have suddenly introduced a lot of TV/videos for strategic reasons?  I already feel guilty about this, even though I'll have control over what videos she watches. She has rarely been apart from me, so although she could spend short time away from...
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