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My biggest post-partum concern is my 3 year old daughter.  Although it may be nice for her to go out to children's activities/programs, I am really concerned about the increased possibility of infection if she spends a lot of time out of the home or with other small children. Unfortunately, I've also seen newborns get really sick with colds and need to be hospitalized.  So I am not sure how to protect the newborn while also meeting my daughter's needs.
I had IVF and am now pregnant for the second time. High risk conceptions do not always result in high-risk pregnancies (although of course they can).    In my experience, the midwives can do a swab which determines likelihood of pre-term labour. Although they don't normally get the results back right away (if they are normal), they do get the results immediately if they are abnormal. I got a call from my midwife within an hour of doing blood work when I had abnormal...
I am also worried about not being able to have a homebirth anymore after my last bloodtest showed hemoglobin at 85 or 8.5 (depending on how you measure). I was told it needs to be 100 to have a homebirth. Has anyone else had experience with this? How quickly did you increase your hemoglobin?   Thanks
My almost 3 year old daughter weaned at the end of my first trimester on her own. I was both grateful and sad to see her end, yet my breasts were also quite sore with pregnancy.  Then at the start of my third trimester she looked at my breasts, smelt them carefully, and proclaimed "milk!". She tried to suck and amazingly my milk had returned. However, she had forgotten how to suck in the three months since she stopped breast-feeding, yet she relearned in a few weeks. Now...
Hello,   I am trying to figure out how to create more rhythm in my 3-year old daughter's life (with a baby due soon). I am planning (or at least seriously considering) homeschooling her for kindergarden along Waldorf ideas, and I want to encourage supportive rhythms. Currently our mornings are filled with indoor and outdoor chores, which she readily participates in.  But we are not consistent each day, because we seem to be influenced by the weather.  If the weather...
I am wondering if anyone doing hypnobabies is trying to use it with braxton hicks? I have really painful braxton hicks, and I find hypnobabies helps a little bit. Yet I'm worried that if it only helps a little bit with braxton hicks, I am going to be overwhelmed in labour. 
I am trying to make a decision around creating a sibling bed. It seems like a really individual decision, but I see a lot of value in young children co-sleeping. I hear that it nurtures sibling bonds.
My daughter just turned three, and we have her in a disposable diaper at night (even though we only used cloth with her as a baby). She is almost always dry at night, but we do not have a dryer so I do not want to risk her wetting the bed until it is spring and we can dry sheets outdoors. Hanging sheets indoors is such a pain. 
I bathed with my daughter every day, but it was because I wanted a bath, not because she was dirty. I never used soap on her or shampoo, just the water. I fondly remember our baths together as a relaxing, connecting time. 
In our house, we try to work it that my partner takes our dog to work. I know that doesn't work for most people, but if its an option, its great. 
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