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Firespiritmelody: My partner and I purchase one joint family gift each year (and then make each other one gift).  For our family gift, we bought the hypnobabies homestudy program off of their website.  Because we are in Canada, we did not have the option of amazon (which is different than amazon.ca).  
I have just started the hypnobabies homestudy program, and I am wondering if anyone else is doing it too?  I would love to connect with others about what's working well and what is challenging?  Is this your first hypnobabies birth?  Are you finding that you're able to get into hypnosis?     I am just at the beginning of it right now (I"m 24 weeks), and I love how it puts me to sleep but I am worried that I am missing the content.  I know it says this is OK but I...
One of the areas that I find hardest to remain calm about during pregnancy is anxiety around my 3-year old daughter's safety. I also worry more about my partner's safety, but I think it is unhealthy how much I worry about my daughter during pregnancy.  Do any others experience this and how do you calm yourselves if you do?  
Kaily's mom:  I am taking 8 diclectin/day (the max), 4-5 gravol a day, and ondanzetron (for chemo nausea at $6/pill).  It is a a lot of meds for sure but it usually works. I have tried to reduce the diclectin to even 7/day but that doesn't work.  I talk to the nausea and vomiting in pregnancy hotline too and they have lots of good suggestions, including controlling acid to control nausea so now I am also on a proton pump inhibitor twice  day which really helps with the...
I notice that my 3 year old daughter will lie about things, but they are things that I can definitely confirm.  For example, did you just poop? or did you hang up your coat? As soon as I see that she has lied, I usually tell her that I see she hasn't hung up her coat and I ask her to hang it up. So I don't usually make too much of it at this point.  She just turned three.  Sometimes I say that it is important to tell me if I ask her something, but I haven't told her that...
Most of our friends who we socialize with are lesbians ranging in age from their 20s to 80s.  I love our friends for their depth of life experience, yet very few have the experience of having children.  Of course this is amazing because when they visit they have so much energy for our daughter.  Straight friends with children sit on the couch.  Lesbian friends give piggy back rides, spin in circles, and play countless games.  It is incredible and my daughter has so many...
I still undecided but I am leaning towards not doing the glucose screen. I did not do it last time, but this time I have gained so much weight that I am unsure.  Is anyone else planning not to do it? 
I remember during my last pregnancy that sometimes the movement would be painful, especially towards the end.  And I had really uncomfortable movement for the first time yesterday.  (I consider it a milestone because the movement was so strong and oddly placed that it was beyond noticeable but actually uncomfortable). 
I've never heard of it before. But there are things that I am trying to curb. I guess pregnancy could be a motivating time to change habits, but I find it even harder in some ways to change during pregnancy.
I'm listening to Pregnancy Affirmations in the hypnobabies program. I find the affirmations very peaceful. 
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