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I use Melaleuca products. EcoSense cleaners, laundry.  I use their Vitality Pack Vites and Omegas. Plus I take spirulina supplements, and probiotics, too. 
I think the nice girls are the target because they won't put up a fight as much as a more boisterous child would. I'm trying to bring out dd's inner dragon (in the nice sense) but she's mellow, so I have my work cut out for me. I also agree with you, lunagirl about the dynamics at home. 
I agree--the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I think a large part of the problem, at least the negative behavior is a result of what's going on at home. Do mom and dad fight, call eachother names, pick on others in front of the kids? It rubs off. The opposite is influential, too. DO mom and dad respect one another, etc etc?    When ever I say "find the nice friends to play with," I think I'm over simplifying the real issue, which I'm trying to figure out how to...
Thanks. Yes, I hear you. It does just break my heart to see her sad, or anxious. I actually enjoy having these heart to heats with her and the good thing is is that she's willing to talk about it. I try, however, not to make this the central focus of her school life by NOT talking too much about it. She's a good kid, not saying perfect, but it just bothers me to have her spirit broken because of mean girls. In my opinion, she's too young for this BS, but I remember it...
My 8.5 year old has been treading some unstable friend waters these days. She revealed to me last week that a girl in her class slapped her in the face, called her "gay" and talks behind her back. If it were just name calling, I would've resorted to my usual role playing with her, teaching her responses, but even here, I'm stumped. But I called the principle about the slapping. I don't hit my kid, so I don't expect her to get slapped at school either. Both girls were...
Yeah, he's drooling and sucking on his fists. My dd got her first 2 teeth at 4.5 months, and ds, at 5 months. We'll see. He's not any crankier(for now), though, which is good.
hola,   I'm noticing my little guy's new love affair with his fists--he can't get enough trying to gobble them. He's also drooling more, and I'm thinking he'll need to start wearing bibs any day now. Notice this with your babes, too?
I have about 3 inches of gray, need to bleach my stache, and groom the brows, but other than these lovely misgivings, here's what I do to at least feel some what attractive:   *Shower daily *Long, curly hair thanks to pregnancy and supplements--so at least I have this going for me. I agree--avoid the mommy do'. I had something like this a few years back and the pictures horrify me!! *Light makeup, at least concealer, and mascara to disguise sleep-deprived...
BabyHawk looks like a good one. I can tell you that I will love the Boba 3g once Sean is a little bigger. I don't love the infant hold, but I think the Boba will be perfect once he's bigger. Can't wait to get him in there! For now, I'll just use the dang Maya wrap.
Typically my little man wakes up once to nurse, burp, diaper change and will go right back down. (knock on wood). Some nights, if he goes to bed early, he's up twice, following the same pattern as above. 
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