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Quote: Originally Posted by Nemesis So far as under-bed food storage: I have a full sized bed, and have 4 6-gallon buckets holding up a piece of plywood, and my bed goes on that. Most of my food grade buckets (from a bakery for free or nearly free) are slightly smaller 3-5 gallon buckets slide easily in and out from under the bed this way, since I use them more often. In the 6 gallon buckets I store wheat berries and white rice, sealed in mylar...
Quote: Creamed corn, which goes in cornbread (if you haven't tried it, cornbread is SO much moister and more delicious with corn in it! Sour cream or yoghurt is good, too). Thanks for this tip Smokering. I think I'll give that a try.
Quote: Originally Posted by mamadelbosque Well its certainly not 'nearly impossible' to *grow* apples organicly... but its probably nearly impossible to grow blemish-less store-quality apples organicly. If thats what your looking for, good luck... if your OK w/ wierd looking apples w/ a few worm holes its 100% possible and quite easy - there are tons of wild apple trees growing around here that have apples... they just aren't big, blemishlesh apples,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Vancouver Mommy One time I was buying a bunch of things to make an organic facial. One of the items was a cucumber that happened to be a little banged up at one end. When the cashier dude asked if I wanted to go get another one I replied "no thanks, I'm not planning to eat it." Vancouver Mommy you take the cake! These are all so funny
Quote: Originally Posted by St. Margaret I think this is what the Parents brand has become. I always liked the look of the Parents stuff at Target (I was good and didn't buy b/c DD really didn't need more toys, but the phone and keys and stuff were the only toys I was tempted by!) and we did get DD a ride on bike from that brand, and everyone always commented on its colors and cuteness-- a great wood foot trike! And I like the rebranding a lot, too. I...
Hello! Can I join you all? I'm a mom to one six year old boy, and last year I admit I lurked on this thread once or twice and was green with envy . But as of last week I have a "daytime empty nest" myself. SAHDS your post reminded me that my first PTA meeting is on Thursday. I'm kind of nervous because I don't know any of the other parents but I really want to be a volunteer. It sounds like you have done a lot for your kids' school over the years.
Quote: Originally Posted by MammaG Thanks, Aprons and Acorns. That's just the kind of thing I'm looking for...contained exuberance! Do you have a link or something to a tune for that? I couldn't find one unfortunately. It's not too fussy of a song, more of a chant actually. It's a little bit like the "One Two, buckle my shoe" tune actually, except not quite. I am not very musically inclined. I hope this is somehow helpful information
Quote: Originally Posted by tbone_kneegrabber well whatever you do don't use this one! clap hands, clap hands till daddy comes home because daddy's got money and mommy has none
We used to sing this one: Daddy is home! Daddy is home! Mother, Daddy is home! Time to clap our hands, Time to beat the drum, Time to have some fun, Daddy is home! It's kind of a boisterous song but it captured that excited energy and gave dad a nice warm welcome.
I agree with the PPs about the toys with lots of "crossover appeal" if you will. Books, science stuff, puppets, games/sport gear, etc. would probably all be good. Also just to throw in my two cents on the Stomp Rocket-- my little boy loves those. Melissa & Doug makes a great set of 60 standard unit blocks. They ship free from Amazon too which is nice cause they are fairly heavy. Quote: Like, a playsilk? Because while I adore and value them as...
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