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Hello, iPhone three different types of bread machines over the last 21 years. The only time my bread machines acted the way yours is doing, is because there was not enough liquid. If you have any further questions about using a bread machine, don't hesitate to leave me a private message good luck
I have discovered a wonderful series called a cup of comfort. They have a couple comfort for parents of children with autism, a couple comfort for nurses, and others I think there's like over 30 books in the series. It's a wonderful anthology to read if you like short stories.
I sure do miss the first few seasons of a baby story, when they did more natural birth.
Hello, I really enjoy using YouTube, Amazon instant video, Netflix, and Hulu plus to do my television viewing. It sure makes things a lot easier.
Hello, I always enjoy any TV family were a lot of births/pregnancies especially natural childbirth were happening. I also enjoyed TV shows that touched on controversial issues such as war, birth-control, anything like that.
Hello, if anyone is looking for a lot of classic type television, take a look on YouTube. I have found all nine seasons of Little House on the Prairie, some episodes of different strokes and others. It's a nice frugal way to watch television.
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