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I think the key for people who do not understand why someone could cut another off for this issue is that there is a clear difference between someone who didn't know better and trusted the doc then someone who has all the info and still allows, ASKS for that to be done to their child. There has to be certain situations within a society that citizens of that society deem unacceptable. This is how social norms and expectations are formed. I think we can all agree that...
Dh wants to replace some of our old nasty cookware and I agree- we need some new items but what to get? We want to stay away from the non stick coated crud....cast iron is nice but were not used to it like we are used to stainless.... What are you experiences? TIA!
I make my own dishwasher soap and use vinegar as well and we have very hard water. I don't ever have a problem and its wayyyy cheaper and eco friendly.
Quote: Originally Posted by Quirky Ummm, what about the freakin' PENIS SCARS that every circumcised boy has? Truly vile. Thats what I was thinking of- how many circed men will get this product and seriously use it on their OWN circ scars...????
seriously PLEASE print off some info for your doctor and your MIL. The doc NEEDS to learn- they are likly telling other parents the same garbage they are telling you and if another parent is retracting they are not only harming their son, but increasing their sons chances of having problems (and we know what that happens the first thing docs wants to do is circ...)
well cause don't you know- male foreskins are diseased? Honestly though, I completely understand your POV and ITA. Not to mention the fact that many vets now poo-hoo tail and ear docking- yep we can doc our infants genitals and no one blinks an eye. Shameful.
my son still sits when he pees because of the dribble issue. He also likes to use a bit of TP "like mommy" to catch any few last drops. He doesn't really need it but he sometimes will have one or two little drops after hes done.
go to nocirc's website- they have some printable PDFs you can print off and give to her. I have tons of links but not on this computer so if I can remember I will come back and post them- but google circ and all the main sites have printables. Or you can C/P the info into the word document, print that off and give it to her...
ugh- I hate to say it but I was recently in this situation too- My friendship was not one that was on its way out like yours sounds like. I have had mutual friends who ask me how I can cut her out like I did- I ask them "how would you react to me if I told you I allowed someone to harm my daughter- molest her?" Of course the response is "oh I would think your a horrible parent!" Well, there ya go. End of discussion. Its one thing to circ when you didn't know any...
Schoen is famous for the poetry he has written about circumcision and the foreskin....can we say fetish anyone? He makes me ill.....who the heck writes POETRY about an infants genitals.....?!?!?!?!?!?
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