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I'm still not sure exactly where I am on vaccination, but I know where I'm NOT, and that's shooting up an infant with "dead" diseases that she has virtually zero chance of contracting.  I guess I got "started" by just common sense:  that my daughter didn't need to be protected against STDs and Hep B at birth if I didn't have them.  My decisions about the rest of them (except Gardisil, which she's definitely not getting) will come with time and research, but not at two...
Welcome, Pepper! She's just lovely. Congrats!
Kel -- my thoughts are with you! My water was broken for a full three days before my labor really got going (and after acupuncture, castor oil and nipple stim on day three). If your midwife didn't already suggest (or give you some) I'd suggest getting Hibiclens and dousing your downstairs with it every few hours to stave off infection. That is, if things haven't gotten going yet! Best wishes!
Jackies, an APN is an Advanced Practice Nurse, which means she has an additional graduate degree above an RN. In this case, she is a Nurse Practitioner, which means she sees her own patients and can pretty much provide the same care as a pediatrician (diagnosing, writing prescriptions, giving referrals,etc.). I chose to go see her because she accepts Medicaid and my midwife said she wouldn't give us a hard time re: vaccinations (we haven't decided about vaxxing yet, but...
Merry Christmas, mamas! GG will be four weeks tomorrow, and she's doing great! She visited an APN recommended by my midwife today, is now 4lbs6oz, and has grown to 17.5in (16 at birth)! The APN also seems like she'll be mellow re: delayed/non-vax. My mother is also in town, and has been loving up every minute of her time with her first grandchild. The first few weeks have been both blissful and stressful -- some nursing issues and DH getting on my nerves, but I'm in...
What a sweet little guy, congrats!  Sorry you didn't get your homebirth, but it sounds like you worked as hard as you could, and needed a little extra help.  Take care!
Congrats to all the other new mamas -- I've been trying to keep up, but GG is keeping me busy!  They are all beautiful!
Oh, and I forgot to mention that she was born frank breech!
Gwendolyn Grace aka "GG"   Nov 27, 2012  (37w1d) 7:45am 3lb 14oz 16" long   Quickie birth story:  My water broke early Saturday morning, and I freaked -- baby not even 37 weeks yet, and we knew she was small.  I went to see my midwife, who confirmed it was amniotic fluid, and we discussed my options.  We decided to go ahead and wait and try for the home birth.  I washed with Hibiclens every few hours to cut down on my possibility for infection, but by...
Hello everyone,    Our daughter Gwendolyn Grace (GG) was born the morning of 11/27 at home.  She was borderline premature and SGA (3lbs 14oz), so we spent five days in the NICU.  Apart from polycythemia (high red blood cell count) which was taken care of with saline infusion, she's been perfectly healthy, and we came home last night.  Oh, and I'm perfectly healthy, too!
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