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I have not done this, but your ladies where so great to do BF 3 kids.
I use it with DD as soon as I had her on her 6th day. We done it with no problem. Small boobie though.
How about the Action Baby carrier? It has a strap that can be criss-crossed so baby's weight is evenly spread on the back plus it has a hip belt for added support. I had a backache before(on my first carrier) but when I've used the ABC there is no more backache even for after a long hours of BWing.   What is the weight of your baby? Their toddler carrier, has a weight limit of 15-45lbs, is wider and support extends to the kness which might be suitable for your baby....
I'm also 5'2, 110 lbs, using a lightweight SSC the Action baby carrier which is cooler and more comfy for my baby. It is also easy to put on/off. The straps can be criss-crossed so baby's weight is evenly spread on the back plus it has a hipbelt for added support preventing backache .  I started using DD on our ABC when she is 3mos until now that she is 22mos though I'm already planning to get the toddler carrier. What is the weight of your baby? Their toddler carrier...
Yap made a good choice. We don't have car so we always use the public transportation. Very helpful,. the only hassle is when the space is small your baby feet might be squeeze.. but other than BWing using a carrier in a travel is really easier., Thanks to my Action baby carrier.
Yap, It's fine my DD's hand is usually out but she can also get it back-in when I ask her too. It can also help her explore around but watch-out when your shopping she will surely love to have her hands on those lovely displays..lol 
My comment will be based on experienced in this thread   From 0 to 3 months : Have not used any.. why? I'm not aware that a newborn can be wear already!! I totally missed this one and would surely wear my second as soon as possible    From 3 to 12 months : My nephew is 4months older than my DD and I saw how a carrier has been so helpful in carrying so I COPY her. LOL I also use the Brand/Style she had used. It was a dangling style carrier with no hipbelt use it...
I agree with all COOKAHM said.   You don't experience leaking? but, is it engorged?.. I agree that you expressed some milk first so the strong pressure of the letdown will be lowered down before you nurse your son.   With Regards to breast anomally or one breast being larger than the other,.try nursing you baby first on the smaller one before the larger one, so the supply to the smaller one will increase again.
I guess I need to wean already.. DD is 22months..   Anyway, my sister had been in your situation..she had even drawn animals in here breast so my nephew would stop BFing, but he still won't stop but when my youngest nephew arrived he just automatically stop on his own. He just knew that his brother own the breast now..lol, and he was too excited to play with him then..
I agree with the earlier replies because of the dangling feet,.check on here why..   http://www.hipdysplasia.org/developmental-dysplasia-of-the-hip/prevention/baby-carriers-seats-and-other-equipment/   What is the weight of your baby? If she/he is 15-45 lbs already, you might try the Action Baby Carrier Toddler carrier. We are an ABC user and we find it very helpful, cooler and comfy.. even my DD loves being in it, though front facing is not recommended by this...
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