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How about an Action baby Carrier? It is a lightweight SSC so it is cooler and more comfy compared to bulky ones. My DD and DH was also a sweaty, but DH can still wear DD for a long time in this carrier and DD loves being in this. It only cost $98 (standard size- Weight limit-15-40lbs), $114(toddler size-Weight limit 15-45lbs.). By the way, I'm 5'2, DH is 5'9 and we both can use our ABC. Hope this...
Does your lo have clogged nose or  maybe because of the milk pressure? DD was also like that when either of this 2 factor is present.   Anyway, if not..I agree with pumping specially in your case that your lo is allergic and having a sore breast is really painful plus it heals too long. Bottle feeding can still nourished your bond with your baby, increase skin to skin contact and talk to him often. But, got to be ready bottle feeding needs more effort than BFing....
My DD don't like pacifier, but I'm not an anti-pacifier but based on my youngest sibling, using a pacifier sometime lead to sucking even when they are a little older though I don't mean it in general.
Be More organized when it comes to stuff so there will be no need to buy anything that is not needed. Be More organized when it comes to money so we can save more. Be More organized when it comes to time so we can be more productive.
Others have already said it, I'm sorry but I also agree that your BF is totally a big "NO". If he can't love your blood and fresh, how can you say he really love you? Don't worry there are so many guys out there and they would even be so happy to be your "SON's FATHER" and not just your date. It's his lost, not yours!  
It's your life, so why just ignore what others are saying. Live life to the fullest!
I also do this because DD usually feel asleep in our Action Baby Carrier when I do the back carry.  Though, I also read in a thread in  using a scarf, putting it in the back diagonally and tieng it infront  whereas the upper part of the scarf is supporting the head so it not hanging side by side.
I agree with the advice of finishing your course and at the same time saving some money for yourself. But, I am wondering if he doesn't love you why did you too get to be together? I am just worried for you that if you stay there for long their is still a possibility of having another baby meaning having additional reason for you to stay and be more trapped with him.    My sister had been living with the father of her 2 kids (3y.o, 2y.o--also unmarried for 5years),...
Freelancing, you can surely have a translator job there or more.  Here are some of the best legit site,. odesk.com freelancer.com guru.com elance.com and so many more...goodluck!
Are you interested in pre-loved or WAHM carriers you might find the "babywearing swap" group in fb interesting.   My DD is 19 months  and still being wear in a regular size Action Baby Carrier. ABC is a lightweight SSC so it is cooler and more comfy compared to others. With regards, to your problem you may try the ABC toddler carrier, it is wider and supports extends to the knees. It has a weight limit of 15lbs-45lbs, it will not be too tight for you and your son so...
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