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Easy to put on/off. --Soft Structured Carrier(SSC). I am using a lightweight version of SSC, the Action Baby Carrier. Can be in an upright position.--yes. Able to be use while he grows--Yes. The weight limit is infants to 40 pounds. Able to do household chores, eat, etc. while wearing-- Yes, though I started wearing when DD is 3motnhs(not aware before that newborn can be worn already..) but, I was able to do things but some are in a different carry such as dish...
I was also interested to use a wrap for my second this thread is such a great help!Thanks!
Sorry for the late response but yes, ABC is great for my back maybe because of the strap and the hip belt whereas my babies weight is even spread on my back so no pressure is felt. I can also hip carry in it though I only use it for a few times but back carry is one of my favorite very comfy and DD loves it..she usually falls asleep in this position...lol
Bumping this thread!
I agree, SSC is really easy to put on and off. SSC can also be used for a newborn with a help of inserts or blanket to make the babies higher though I may also suggest a wrap for a newborn then just switch to a SSC when your baby is bigger or have a little head control.   I"m a SSC (Action Baby Carrier) user, a lightweight SSC so it is cooler and comfy. Hope this helps. Goodluck!
I am not a wrap user yet but I have read that you can do some kangaroo carry, front and back carry! Goodluck!
I both agree and disagree with other comments here though it is all up to you if what will be your decision. If I were in your position, Not to accept to babysit?slightly harsh,.your husband's sister will be working maybe she see's you and your husband to be trustworthy to babysit and the kid loves you. But I agree with the suggestion that you might accept the babysitting for 1-3 times a month though it was just 4 hours a week having to babysit every week is too much....
lol..enjoyed reading this post...(don't have a penis so I didn't know this incident happens)...Glad your son is okey. 
Report it. The Daycare Administrator is not only abusing your son but also traumatizing him. I believe, Child Physchology is required in running a daycare so that  Daycare Administrator is not only physically but also emotionally and intellectually abusing your son in which with this ground he/she might not only be out of the school but also be inprisoned. I agree that you asked other parent's, and most probably they also has the same issue..
I just had 1 daughter (18 months) but I am from a family of 8.  I think in planning to have a large family you should be ready to face different personalities and ready to be hardworking. My mom had 8 of us,.she always nag us and tell us bad things, and make us work with our family business. She was really eager to earn money and had no much time to enjoy or have fun but she never regretted having the 8 of us.   Don't know what to say,.but she is still the best...
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