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Maybe you can try giving him some substitute to lick with than his hand. And having her checked by drs maybe a great idea too so you will also be free from worrying.
Same boat but I'm not worrying too much about it..why? because sometimes people even you've been so close changes. And times flies, priorities changed, goals in life differs closeness to each other that is build before greatly changes. However; not all relationship changes, I have some few friends that I was not super close but we practically understand each other whom I know I can count on when time needed it.   In real life, I am somewhat a loner(if that is what...
I have never intended to use a carrier before, but upon seeing my sister's situation (2toddler) became easier with a carrier so I had also buy one for myself. At first my carrier is just a acessory. I had even experienced to stop using a carrier due to backache and I thought it would be easier but when my DD rapidly gained weight, became more active specially in public and with my small body frame..a Carrier had been my savior. I had got ABC (Action Baby...
Interesting blog, though I think having an expensive carrier is not really essential.
My DD is just 16 months and not doing thngs yet but I will also try your suggestion when I came to my limit.
look at him,. she loves sleeping in his wrap. So Adorable..
Very well said.   I also suggest consulting your OB. They will probably give you some advice regarding some steps you need to do. What I know is they will just give some counseling and suggest that you have some support group to help you.  Don't worry, we also experience this but not too much because we have someone to count on in case something happens. Maybe talking to your husband with your thoughts in losing your child might also loosen your burden. goodluck!
I'm not a ring sling user so I am not quite familiar with it but in your post you had tried buying different brands and eventually became unsatisfied. I may suggest looking for a baby wearing group in your community that lends or let you try different type/brand of products so you will be able to test a carrier before actually buying one. I'm an SSC (Action Baby Carrier) user and we love it.. Hope this helps! Goodluck!
I agree with this,.But JUMPING while nursing is the most important,. and "NO BITING" because it both hurts.
I had no idea on this,. but if my DD will be in same boat as yours I will ask the ped just to make sure, if its okey. Goodluck!
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