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Im using an SSC but I would surely love to get info's in this post,. planning to use wrap for my second. And we also have a very hot climate here. 
lol,. hope somebody knows,., my DD will surely love to have her baby doll being wear by her. She just loves copying mommy.
Whoaaa,.thats a big baby!! Is that a wrap, what do you call that style of wrapping?
Upon browsing some forums, I had been seeing great pictures of kids wearing their dolls and I also want that one for my DD. My DD is 16 months, in this age she is already have a blue elmo as her baby..lol She even copies me when I carry her until she is asleep.  She loves being in our Action Baby carrier so I want to make her a carrier to use so she can where her dolls. Do you know any styles that I can use to make one? or place I can find these carriers? how much?...
I Agree!! On my part, I had my Action Baby carrier as my second carrier. Totally, solved my back-ache problem that I had experienced on my first carrier.. We had been using our ABC for some time now, and being lighter and cooler it had been comfy for my baby plus this is an SSC so it is easy to put on, and can be use in a back-carry. Hope this helps, goodluck.   By the way I am using there happy design, its in here http://www.actionbabycarriers.com/shop/happy/ I love it
Yes, petechiae my disappear in few days, but if your baby is having this which is not caused by the carrier I may suggest visiting your ped. Petechiae is cause by the incapacity of the cappilaries to filter accurately in which blood that passes through became visible through a red spots on the surface. So it will be better to have our baby's checked. Goodluck.
I am also looking for a child size carrier,. hope someone has something to share..
Sorry for your loss.   It will be helpful not to talk much abouth the topic and dont use the word "death" that much..she is still to young and that kind of thing is still too much to handle for her. We are in the modern world now, through watching television and some good guidance from parents,. kids will eventually have an idea about death. In our culture, we usually tell the kids the kids that " Grandfather is maybe gone but he will always be there watching us...
I am not very familiar with a moby or baby k'tan wrap, but I think SSC will be safer for older baby when they are carried in tandem. But it may also depend in your ability to do the wrap,
Hi, How is your DD doing now? ? Is she eating solid already??
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