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My DD was also like that, it is okey with me,.but when she gain weight as days pass I also got tired especially it really takes time before she goes to sleep (2-4 hours). So I change her sleeping pattern,.instead, I turn the lights off, closed the door and nurse her to sleep. And it works for me. Hope this helps!!
Thanks! Being a mom  is really an important role for me . :D
all of this is so amazing!!! I love to make Flor's tree with animals.
You can try ehow or wikihow they had lots of DIY ther. Im also an DIY addict!!
Wow,.loved this!! I will surely make one!!
I have not tried wrap yet, but I think wrap is very comfortable for infants. I would really love to try it on my next
Very informative links!!! Thanks for sharing..
Cute! Sweet baby girl is happily wearing her little baby.!! I had also saw one like this in  fb, a toddler using a small carrier wearing her doll..lol  Oh,. I 'm so excited, when my DD is older I will surely make her a little carrier too,. I'm sure she will also like it,..
Nice!! love the wrap's color...what color is that??? your baby is so adorable!!
I had not experienced the dirty looks but most of the time curious look...some amaze and other is just plain looking.  But I had received comment twice, but the second one irritated me.. They ask if my DD was comfortable in it (as if they are accusing me of something) and my DD was sleeping soundly when I was ask so I was irritated...."HELLO PEOPLe!! I wont put my baby in a carrier and she wont sleep that way if he is not comfortable,....!!!!
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