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With my first, my water broke about 2 hours before contractions started (although it seemed like much longer when you are sitting around on wet towels waiting for something to happen!). I had just left a NST and I was grocery shopping at the time. I was 2-3cm dilated for two weeks prior to labour starting (and was still at 3cm when I was checked 4 hours after my water had broken).   With my second, he was born in the caul.
I can't get enough of the grilled-cheese and tomato sandwiches from Fit For Life. I have to pass by them every morning on my way to my office, and the smell is overwhelming. I stop way more often then I should, they've even given me a frequent flyer coupon!!!
Congrats everyone (looks like girls are dominating this month!)!!   We were supposed to be team green, but last night DH announced he "really, really wants to know". We found out our first two pregnancies, and this time I just wanted to leave it a surprise right to the end. DH was on board, until last night...   Our u/s is booked for Sept 4 (19w 2d), so we have a few days to try and convince each one way or the other.
Any updates yet ladies? I am 17w2d, and a few days ago I felt either baby or gas bubbles, but I'll just say baby :)
I feel ya!   I am 16w 2d and still no movement. I felt DS2 at 13 weeks, so I've been waiting very impatiently these past few weeks for this babe. The further along I get without feeling him/her, the more I start to panic. I have all the aches, pains, aversions, sickness and exhaustion that comes along with pregnancy, but I don't 'feel' pregnant now without being able to feel the baby. Hopefully any day for all of us!
I am 15w4d and still no movement. With DS2 I felt it without a doubt by 13 weeks, so it is hard not to compare this pregnancy to previous ones. I know it won't be long now. And in no time the 'jumping on my bladder till I pee' will start. :)
We are in Toronto, Canada.
I am so impressed with many of you ladies and your great diets! I aim to eat healthier, but I have a carnivore for a DH and the world's pickiest toddler, plus working f/t leaves me beat by 6pm. My goal is for my family to eat better, but in reality it seems our diet is actually getting worse over time!   I had an appointment with my midwife this morning; she is the same midwife I saw when pregnant with DS2. We got to hear baby's heartbeat - a nice strong 160 bpm....
Whoa. I was right, I've gained some weight!   I had my midwife appointment this morning, I am up 15lbs!! Last time I weighed myself was a few weeks prior to getting pregnant - 113lbs. Today I was at 128.4lbs! Yikes!
I am almost 12 weeks, and I can tell I've gained weight. My face is getting rounder than my tummy is! The scary thing is I don't own a scale, so I haven't been able to see exactly how much weight I've gained. I LOVE watching my tummy grow... my cheeks and calves, not so much :)
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