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Thank you.  It certainly helps. My schedule seems to vary from 28-32 days so maybe i'm on a 32 cycle meaning my "af due date" wouldn't technically be until wednesday.  I'm going to re-test (with AF hasn't showed up) on Wednesday.   Thanks for your support.
Hi Ladies.   I've commented a few times, and have been obsessing with getting a BFP for some time and finally this month I have "just let it happen" and stopped worrying, until yesterday. here is my story.   We've been TTC for #1 for around 8 months. Where we live, we get IVF paid for by the gov, so all the pre-tests like mock transfer, sonohysterogram, and baseline ultra sound are covered by our private insurance. I've been told by many that the...
Well AF is here. Onto month 5 of TTC. Can be so frustrating! Good news is, if I C this month, the baby and I will share the same birth month (here's the hoping!!)   Good luck!   Windsova is OFFICIALLY Waiting to O
Hi! I'm not waiting to O, still waiting to know... 2 days late and still BFN. I'll retest this weekend. 
Hello! Maybe the ladies that have already had one little one may be able to answer this question, but since saturday i've had sore BBS only getting more and more sore/annoying feeling since saturday.  I love wearing bras, but as of last night have found every chance I get to get out of wearing one.  AF is due wednesday, and I usually get some soreness but never this "pain" type annoying soreness that has lasted for so long and more and more so in the...
Hi Ladies   Please add me to the Waiting to Know list. I'm expecting AF on wednesday, but i've been off a day or two for the last few months.... so here's hoping! 
Oh I can totally relate. I feel the exact same as you. The joke at my work is that every girl is pregnant and even our Mat leave employees are getting pregnant.  I've been TTC for 5 months, feels like a lifetime. (I know, I know... not that long compared to others). And when the girls at work are lecturing me about "knowing your body" and "just have sex" because they got pregnant 1 week before O (that's the claim) or only had sex once.... it's beyond frustrating.  I...
Well I tested on Sunday - the day I was due and BFN. BUT.... now it's thrusday and still no AF. I'm 4 days late.  I'm usually on time and i've only been late once (3 days.). I keep feeling like my period is about to come (sore BBs, cramps) but nothing.   Would any of your recommend testing again or just wait a few more days.   Thanks in advance. 
Thanks i'll certainly let you know.     Feeling a little sick today though - a little queasy.  Not super hungry and feeling a little blah - I hope it's a  - but if it's not, that's fine too. There is always next month!
Oops! I'm so sorry!   Ok well - like I said previously - not testing till at least sunday.  But today there was a little spot - like a pre period spot, but i don't get those, so here's to hoping! :)
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