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Yes! It took me about 10x longer than it took him to do it, but I did figure it out. Glad I don't have to live with it. My neck was getting sore.  ; )
The screen is... upside down?? WTF???  How did you get the screen to turn UPSIDE DOWN?????? How do I fix this? HOW DID YOU GET THE SCREEN TO TURN UPSIDE DOWN?????
Thank you for your replies! I am doing all of those things - and making sure to praise my dog for being so good and tolerant - and I am seeing a slow improvement, thank goodness. I am super aware of how things can go bad in an instant, this is what scares me the most. My dog is amazing, but it only takes her getting fed up one time. We've all done things that we regret in an instant, dogs and humans.
My DS is 17 months and at least once a day (usually around 4pm) goes to "Crazy Town" with our dog. He beats on her, pulls her tail and generally just annoys the heck out of her. During the rest of the day, he pets her very gently and even gives her kisses on her back. If he is too rough with her, he responds very well to redirection - "pet nicely" and he will go back to gently stroking her back. But in the late afternoon, things are different. Mostly I just have to...
I had a natural hospital birth last year, and besides a few minor glitches (the shower only had cold water, the hot tub stopper didn't work so the water had to run continuously, my midwife was late b/c she had delivered three other babies during her shift, the nurses who checked my dilation probably hurt me more than my lo did on his way out, the nurses let my ENTIRE family in immediately after I had my lo...) it went great.   It really did, looking back at the...
My 10 year old Labrador was diagnosed with Lymphoma last February. After I got over my heartbreak, I decided that I would do anything I could to improve her health. One of the first changes I looked into was her food. We had been feeding her Nutro Natural Choice, and thought this was a great food for her (and our other two dogs). And, to be fair, its not a BAD choice - but it certainly isn't fresh food. I started looking into homemade dog food. At first all the recipes I...
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