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Hugs! You've had a really rough go of it. I can't even imagine what you are experiencing so I can't give you any first hand advice. Just a moment to deep respect.I have a very close friend who had two very high needs babies in a row. It took a lot out of her but her faith in what she was doing was amazing. She kept co-sleeping and nursing very frequently and each baby eventually let go. Both girls are secure, well adjusted kids now and I think she feels really good about...
I got my first "NO" from A today. I will have to stop saying things like "do you want to come with mommy and get your shoes on?" When it's really not optional.
HouseofPeace and Loveandgarbage, no AF here and no signs at all of that happening any time in my near future. I think as soon as cycles return I'm have my drive back as you both have experienced and hopefully this issue will resolve but it might be quite a while yet. I'm usually the initiator of our sex life so right now I just have a really devoted roommate. I think some birth trauma also factors in. I had a complex tear after 5 hours of pushing and then a pp...
all very true for us, having rushed intimate times only makes working through pain more impossible
Thanks. I think it's two different sources of pain I'm dealing with 1) scar tissue and 2) burning raw pain from thinning of skin from the lack of estrogen. I feel like if I can deal with the latter I can start working through the pain of scar tissue. Nice to know other people have also gone through long periods like this and come out the other side.
 All totally appropriate advice :) None of my close GFs have babies so I really do rely on marvelously inappropriate threads to figure out what might help. Lame about the crazy period! Did you find as you weaned sex got less painful gradually? I'm wondering if I night wean I might find a happy middle ground for my body. I know my little guy is eating a ton and dropping feedings on his own now. I could nudge that along gently. 
 I've heard about the creams being used. I think the dose is similar to what I was prescribed which is a pill that's inserted. I'm hoping to find an alternate herbal/vitamin support for the lady bits till I wean. I'll look into calmag. Also I heard about vitamin e used topically? My research is just beginning really.
Yay, this is such fun to see. Brambleberry so good to see you online again. The girls look wonderful! Mama3blessings, that hat is to die for! Chloe'smama Liam looks like such a happy character. Dia I love your photo comparison.    We'll be posting ours in two weeks... we're the final ones of this group. :)
I'm on a learning curve here about my body and hormones and breastfeeding. Since A was born we've only actually been able to DTD a handful of times and it was very painful. My greatest fear was that my Dr had made some kind of grave error when doing my stitches and that I had some irreversible nerve damage that was going to ruin my life forever. And piles of coconut oil didn't help. I finally consulted a new OBGYN who basically said my estrogen is probably so low that all...
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