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Congratulations Akemi! I hope your DH is on the mend. You sound like you could use some R&R.
Hey Mamas! I'm here too. Lurking around as I do when I get a free moment. Hugs HouseofPeace and sgsnyder. My hubby and I are working to create balance too. He's gone on a work trip AGAIN. I fully understand and appreciate his work and I'm very excited about his projects as if I were somehow mentally on these trips with him. But... I go from him being home and trying to be super-dad to weeks where I'm flying solo with him in another time zone and I'm alone alone alone. It's...
My husband does dishes (by hand) and makes dinner every night when he gets home. I sometimes manage to do a few during the day if I can get a moment where I can safely turn my back to the room to do this. (Not usually though). 
Yay 10 months old this week!   I'm starting to see a real ham appearing with this boy. When we go out he spends a lot of time peering around at people and choosing his target. Then he raises one eyebrow James Dean style and flashes a seductive grin until I hear someone behind us say "Oh my god, look at that baby." I'm in so much trouble!
 A has always been a side sleeper (at a day old he flipped onto his side and went to sleep). We used to turn him onto his back but once he was rolling we just gave up. When he's really sick he sleeps on his tummy a lot. If I'm awake and have him beside me I let him sleep however he wishes. Once I want to pass out I coax him back onto his side or back. It sometimes lasts! 
Hi everyone! Happy New Year! I feel like it's been ages since I've indulged myself in a late night on the computer. I know I'll regret this later. Oh well.   Happy 2014! How did you spend your New Year's Eve? FTMs, how was last night different from last year's celebration (or lack thereof)? BTDT Mamas, how have the years shaped your traditions?   I spent New Years having a very quiet visit with some friends while suffering from a stomach flu. We usually don't do much...
Hugs everyone dealing with overindulging hubbies. I'm wading through my own issues of DH making some decisions that feel very selfish. I know they aren't mean things he's conciously doing but arg!! It makes me mental amyway.
Facepalm moment: we just arrived at my in-laws for the holidays. I wanted to cook a squash for baby food. MIL thinks we should microwave it. This is day one.
'tis the Season of reuniting with old friends... anyone else having a difficult time connecting? Friends who come bearing gifts and want to be referred to as "auntie" but they constantly ask me to get baby-sitters so we can "leave the baby at home and go have fun." Sigh. Or they want to be picked up places. Yeah, sure I'll just wake up the baby and come over there right now. Grrr. I just got suckered into shopping with a friend who cluelessly spent an hour trying to...
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