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That's rough Jenny, I echo other's suggestions. Have a specialist make sure there are no issues in the GI tract. It sounds like you have tried all the good suggestions you've had. 
I'm doing some thinking about this right now. Like Kelly Beth i think we might TTC next summer. A has been such an easy going baby he's given us this idea we can handle two . And HouseofPeace, congratulations!!!!
Thanks HouseofPeace and waywornwanderer for your ideas and input here. I think I'm ready to be more adventurous with his food. So far have done 0 seasoning so all the baby food gets pulled aside before I season things. Are you blending things? I have given A a few un-pureed finger foods: peas, stewed pear, roast apple, squash and sweet potato bits and well-cooked lentils.he still chokes every so often. I keep a pretty close eye on him when he eats because it scares the...
Oh wow, that's quite a definitive reaction. We're also avoiding dairy and soy a while longer.
How is everyone doing with solids and weight gain and food allergies? We're behind all of you just hitting the nine month mark today. I'm happy to report no allergies showed up in our past few months of introductions. Now that he's nine months we can try berries and some gluten-free grains. What do you all do with your grains? Make porridge? I was wondering about a rice pasta.
 I wanted to take A back to Canada for his Birthday but we're going back for Easter so I guess we'll do something here... I'm not planning to let him eat/vomit up cake which seems to be the local tradition for this milestone. Maybe we'll do one of the traditions from Singapore since that was his birthplace. 
Buko that sounds like my LO during his crazy teething period. It ended thank god. Hope it is over soon for you too. Odinsmama we've got some crazy yoga or perhaps gymnastics going on during day time nursing too. He latches on and then the legs start start kicking and all of a sudden he's almost ready for a cartwheel. We're having a really crappy two weeks. DH is away on business and we're onto a second cold for A this week, a sinus cold for me with muscles that hurt so...
Thanks waywornwanderer
Kelly Beth, I mostly do branding for start-ups with my design business. You can ping me for help!
 Thanks, I did non GMO soy lecithin for months when I was just starting with all this but it wasn't my golden ticket. Lately I think drinking tons of hot herbal teas during the day and avoiding getting cold -- something about raynaud's and constricting blood flow to the nipple area seems to be indicated. I've mentioned this to a few people but it's not something I can get backed up by any Drs/practitioners. It seems to make sense to me. 
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