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I just pulled out the scale and it looks like my LO is losing weight... something over a pound. He's really active. I'm wondering if this is leaning him out a bit or should I be worried?
I made another Amazon wish list after I closed my registry that's for ongoing things he needs as well as ideas for developmental toys. I'm hoping it steers family and friends away from plastic stuff at xmas. Anyway, i have some wood pull toys, a wooden walker, blocks (timeless right? I think my brother and I used ours for almost a decade) musical percussion instruments and I'm making a long book list.
 Sigh, you're right. The nap excuses are probably legit. After the catty mom stuff I've been through lately I feel like I'm probably reading into this stuff too much. 
 This sucks! And I can relate. I had a classic "mean girls"thing happen at our baby play group. I was so taken aback I didn't really clue in to what they were doing till I left. Also I'm starting to really get sick of hearing "I can't, that's nap time." Starting to think it's just code for "I can't be bothered."
These Halloween pics are crazy cute!!!
HouseofPeace, oh good I'm not the only one experiencing the lady crazies. :) I feel like I'm still nursing a lot so everything should be the same... but it's not. Since slowly introducing solids I've been a downright bitch to DH about stuff I'm usually pretty chilled out about and this week I've had two migraines in a row. I had LOTS during my first trimester and then NONE since then. A blissful year of no headaches... Last night's migraine had me shaking and vomiting all...
  Well I for one think you are doing an amazing job!
How old is your baby now?   7.5 months   How is feeding going? Are you introducing solids or EBF?   He's really not into solids much. We've worked our way through the naturopath's food introduction list carefully doing a new organic puree every 3-4 days and trying my best to give him the vitamin d, c and probiotics he gave us. I get the whole idea behind this kind of introduction but I feel like it's really not baby-led or fun in any way for the baby. As we are...
  I'm now a regular at a local baby cafe/play group thing. It's in Santa Monica and all the Moms are pretty liberal and plugged in with all kinds of health-related stuff but... I keep ending up in the middle of these really awkward discussions with people who are describing all these cruel "baby-training" exercises they're doing. I wonder if they are just instinctually doing things their parents did to them? I think as parents unless we make a really concerted effort to...
I'm having so much fun seeing everyone's babies on the facebook group but curious to hear how everyone is doing!    How old is your baby now?     How is feeding going? Are you introducing solids or EBF?     How is sleep going?     How about those teeth? And what's your go-to teething remedy?     And how about walking? ... anybody have first steps yet?      And how are YOU doing? Are you taking good care of yourself? Do the experienced mamas have some...
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