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Are you having more trouble when you feed grains? I know some solids introduction philosophies delay grains to 9 months or later.That said, we had some constipation with apples! Who knows.
 I put the litter in the bathroom and that's an off-bounds area and then I put the food in the kitchen and gated the kitchen so that's also off-bounds. Meanwhile have made the livingroom a yes zone. Seems OK so far!  Oh thank god I'm not alone. ;) I have a half glass after the nurse-down every night.
Chin toward the clog! Try a tear soak too. A tsp of salt in a cup of warm water and dip the nipple in. Helps open things up. Good luck! We're just on the other side of it now but still sore.
Mama guilt check-in. A is hitting his head like at least once a day. I put him down to play on a rug and generally try to extend that area with yoga mats but now that he's moving so fast and trying to pull himself up on everything it's quite inadequate. Maybe I should be hovering more? Or buying enough mats to cover the entire room and padding table legs or.... Maybe it's normal to take a lot of knocks to the head at this age?
Ugh, I feel you. Sucks that you got the full fever too. I just had clogged ducts for 36 hours this week. Two on one side and one on the other. I was swollen up to my armpit.
I start with a raw smoothie every morning. Usually some almonds, chia seeds, banana, dates and whatever else I throw in. Sometimes some cacao. I try to do a cooked breakfast during A's first nap. Sometimes I do my hollandaise-free benedict with a gluten free muffin, smoked salmon, avocado and a poached egg. (Keep in mind I have to gain weight here, this is pretty caloric stuff.)   In the afternoon I try to do a sandwich or leftovers and then I do a late afternoon...
I had the most adorable thing happen last night. A is learning about "whispering" and instead of moaning to wake me up to feed he reached over, pulled my shirt and whispered "Heeeeey." 
So I brought this issue up with Cynthia Mosher and suggested that DDCs be more private. She said it's been suggested by others and they are looking into it. For now I'm taking down some images here and will be posting pics on Facebook but still posting questions and discussing on the DDC on Mothering. That feels like the best of both worlds.
 Same stuff happening here. We just had our first cold. The last few nights he's been waking himself up with the congestion. It's too far up and not loose enough to suck out so we did some squirts of saline up his nose at bed time and turned on the hot shower to steam up our place and I diffused from eucalyptus oil. Seemed to help. I'm looking at some humidifier options.
Thanks for the heads up! I wish due date forums were private actually. There are lots of public boards on Mothering which is great for searching info but the due date clubs are much more and personal in nature. We all have to login anyway to post. It's easy to forget they are public.
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