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Thanks for the heads up! I wish due date forums were private actually. There are lots of public boards on Mothering which is great for searching info but the due date clubs are much more and personal in nature. We all have to login anyway to post. It's easy to forget they are public.
We're so isolated from mainstream parenting stuff I really had no clue what is considered "normal" in the US for feeding until the other day. We met up with some old friends and they were rocking a bottle of formula proudly talking about weening him off breast milk at 7 months and feeding him Gerber baby food "pork and gravy." We were pretty quiet but I could see my husband doing a few "what the hell?" looks toward me. He now has a renewed appreciation for all the things I...
I just went through another week of sore nipples, then milk blisters and clogged ducts and then the lovely healing and removing the blisters phaze after... So fed up with this! Anyway that's not related to your question. Just a rant!I have had my supply go up again and all of a sudden i'm carting around a lot more milk and leaking like the first month of nursing again.
Thanks! I'll look for that today. Thankfully I am getting much better and it seems like A has dodged the bullet. I felt like such a freak wearing a mask all the time I held him but I think it was effective.
I have to get onto this too. I have a very small place right now just crammed to the gills with all this rustic furniture we hauled over from Indonesia. It's all very nasty for tumbling babies. There aren't really many open spots for just practising crawling. Hardly any wonder he's trying to cruise first. Maybe I can make his bedroom a yes room. I need to figure out padding for the hardwood in there. I'm thinking wool with a big padded underlay? I've got some baskets i can...
I caught a nasty head cold yesterday. The sad thing is we're up in NorCal to visit friends who all have baby boys the same age and I've had to cancel all our play dates thus far. So frustrating! I finally get to hang with Moms I've known for years before kids. I was soooo excited for this... Anyway, my goal now is to try to get better really fast and not get baby sick too. I'm taking homeopathics and vitamin C but I'm not sure if there are any safe herbs I can use. My...
We went off solids and two days later we have a much happier little guy. We'll try again in a few weeks.
Thanks! I just had a really bad night of what seemed to be nightmares for my little guy. He was very anxious. Today we've had fussing and crappy naps. He seems to be digesting the yams a little better though i have been giving him probiotics to help. He's just not happy. I think i'm going to take a break from introducing solids for a few days and see what happens. I'm not overly thrilled with leaving EBF behind and those diapers are way gross.
Nice work mama
So on the subject of motherhood and friendships, my guy friends have disappeared. I just realized that today. I think they have a hard time relating to this version of me. I don't think there's anything I can do about that. It is what it is.
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