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Whew, good news! I was getting stressed, not just for my own biz, but especially for my small town library, and the little thrift shops. Don't worry, I still plan to ester my Senators and Rep. until there is a permanent revision.
Yeah, I can see everything, it just doesn't respond when I click on certain buttons. The menu bar works, the Reply button and New Thread buttons work, but multiquote, Quick Reply, and smilies don't work. Its fine on Safari, but I really would rather use FF.
I'm on Firefox, and had trouble with Quick Reply and the Smilie box a while back. It worked again for about a month, but it's out for me again. I can use smilies only if I know the code to type. They don't click next to my reply box. Even if I open the full smilie page, none will show up.
Quote: Originally Posted by Anne2008 Am I correct in thinking it's African and Asian countries only? nope
Your sig pictures are so beautiful. Love you, dear.
I hope you can feel the love coming to you.
Yep, it's dry. And nasty. I'm going to try some eucalan, but I don't know if it'll help.
I have a huge amount of Soie Naturelle, and it smells AWFUL. i was going to make a comfort shawl, but as soon as the swatch came out of water, it smelled so wrong. Not the weird fishy smell that silk clothing sometimes gets, this is almost a mildewy smell. combined with something wrose. Any ideas for fixing it?
tennis balls!
Sending more love to you and Fern.
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