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Just peeking in to see if you had all read this thread http://www.mothering.com/discussions....php?t=1026058 I know many of you know her.
Holding you in my heart, Calidris.
Quote: Originally Posted by kama'aina mama That view was completely insane. Wow. Have I mentioned I'm afraid of heights? Yeah. When we got to the elevator, they said the roof was closed b/c of wind. I cheered inside. Once we got to the obs. deck room, after about 10 minutes, they announced that the wind had stopped and up we went. It actually wasn't as precarious as it looks, there was quite a bit of roof between the railing and...
The housing cost was way low. That's the kind of number you might see in a more isolated or rural area in OR, but my town has a college AND is starting to get more people commuting to the Portland metro area. Not to mention the boom in the wine industry, which has raised housing a LOT as more people want to retire out here. Even if these numbers are a year old, they would still be outdated. We moved here 5 years ago, and there were only a few apartments larger than 1...
You cant see much of the building, but I have a picture of my mom, my aunt and me on the roof in '90 or '91. http://www.flickr.com/photos/fruitys...62934/sizes/o/ (I know, the hair. Shut up, it was the nineties!)
Make sure to do lots of stretching and avoid working for more than 30 minutes without a break. One thing to look out for, is to try to keep your wrists straight, as if you had a ruler taped to the back of your hand and arm. If you search the Knitting Olympics posts on Yarn Harlot's blog, she had a link to some good exercises for yarn crafters.
How tightly is it knit? IME, cascade and the like need to be very tightly knit to work well. I like 5 st/in. Also, some kids pee hard enough that they need a very absorbent diaper under soakers, or it will shoot straight through the wool.
Take her to the ER if she's not walking on it when you see her next. They will know what to check for. It could be sprained (which takes up to 6 weeks to heal, and should be protected during that time), strained/stretched ligament (less serious than sprain), broken, or it could be something even more serious. My son was that age when Ii thought he had twisted his ankle. It turned out to be a bone infection called osteomyelitis, and he needed several weeks of IV...
Ooh! I knew that WB put it on hold when they bought the studio that was last working on it. I am excited, but very nervous. It would be so easy to cutesy up the elves. And other artists don't always capture the elves wel (I think it's in the Gatherum Vol I where several comic artists do their version of Cutter, and all of them are just "off."
When my oldest was 5, I had CP. It took 22 days (maybe 24) for him to break out. Just when I thought he had somehow avoided catching them from me, he finally started blistering.
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