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Try a dark blue. That's what I did with my last batch of Starburst-colored Ooops yarn. It's the far right ball in the top on this page. You can see it knitted up here THe skein in the front here was another overdye, this time with a lighter blue.
Designedly, Kristi has great sock patterns on pdf.
I usually do long tail with the biggest of the three sizes, at it works fine. The twisted german and channel island cast ons work also.
Glad someone shared my OCD LOL I think I pulled out almost half a ball trying to find the matching repeat :
Yeah, you def. need to do a very stretchy cast-on with this pattern.
I knit a pair of pants in Loft, and they are very soft. They will pill (less than 100purewool though becasue of the way it's spun). If I were to use it again, I would stick to soakers, because the random color changes made the legs totally different.
I've used the sock and worsted BFL from her. It's fairly nice, but nowhere near the BFl that Nada used to sell. It's a different texture, not as silky. Still very nice for the price though, and more durable than merino, which is great.
The 1x1 portion will look really small. That's what makes the waistband stay up without drawstrings. If you're worried it won't fit, put it on waste yarn once you have an inch or so, and see how far it will stretch.
I've never had any fading with food-grade dyes. I soak my yarn in warm water (hot for superwash) with a drop of Dawn or Synthrapol, than squeeze out, soak a few minutes in warm clean water, then in warm water with a generous glug of vinegar. I also mix cake dye and food coloring with a little more vinegar. I put the dye in a pot with water, add the yarn, and bring the whole thing to just below boiling. Let simmer at least 30 minutes, turn off heat, and let the whole...
I think they don't allow coops anymore, and have started cracking down on "presales" too.
New Posts  All Forums: